Hungarys parliament approves deal with Russia to build 2 new reactors at nuclear power plant


Hungary's parliament has authorized a deal with Russia to build two reactors at the country's only nuclear power plant in the southern city of Paks.


Russia will provide Hungary a loan of up to 10 billion euros ($13.5 billion) — around 80 percent of construction costs.


The deal was approved Thursday by lawmakers from the governing Fidesz party and a far-right Jobbik opposition party. Most left-wing lawmakers voted against in the 256-29 vote.


The government says the expansion of the Paks plant, which provides some 40 percent of the country's electricity supply, will lessen Hungary's energy dependence on foreign sources.


At the same time, however, it also increases Russia's long-term influence on energy matters as Hungary already gets most of its natural gas and oil from Russia.