IAEA held its regional training conference in cooperation with TAEK in Ankara


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), held a very important meeting in collaboration with Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK). The regional training meeting’s host organization was Akkuyu NPP JSC and it lasted for four days. The subject matter of the training to which 41 specialists from 13 countries participated in was, “The Design Features of the Modern Nuclear Power Plants: Inspection and Management of Construction”.


Following the first day’s opening speeches of the meeting, the speeches continued with the Turkish agenda. The subject matter “The Project Stages of the Nuclear Power Plants in Turkey” and under this headline, the Project; Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plants is to be talked about. The site preparation Works at the project, feasibility works, localization, system consistency and construction status were explained by the Technical Department specialists of Akkuyu NGS A.Ş. Then, the construction experiences of the other countries in the field of nuclear power plants were shared. American, Chinese, Indian and South Korean specialists explained the participants their own quality processes and quality management methods with the presentations they have prepared.


On the second day, the specialists from International Atomic Energy Agency had an extensive presentation on “the Contractual Structure of the Nuclear Power Plant Projects”. Then, Planning, Ranking and Contract Procedures for construction of Nuclear Power Plants-Studies in India relating to Project and Construction Management-Vogtle of Southern Korea and VC Summer Nuclear Power Plant Construction Projects and Quality Evaluation /Quality Control and Operating, Coordinating Institutions/USA were explained to the participants with presentations. The day was ended with the presentations of participant countries of their Nuclear Power Plant projects.



On the third day of the training program, the presentation was made on the Lessons to be learned from the Construction Technologies of the past/Management by the specialists from the International Atomic Energy Agency. During the rest of the day, a specialist from Southern Korea explained the strategy relating to the Strategy to Domestic economy by way of construction of Nuclear Power Plants. The subject was discussed and inspected in details with the study groups organized.


On the final day of the meeting, the specialists from U.S.A. shared their knowledge and experience with the presentation: The Importance of the Quality Evaluation/Quality Control during the construction of Nuclear Power Plants (NGS): 4 keys to Success. Under the heading, Advanced Technology in Construction of Nuclear Power Plants, the Indian specialists spoke. During the final stage of the meeting, the results of the Training Program were evaluated.  Senior specialists from Southern Korea, India, Turkey, Russia, U.S.A, Austria, White Russia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Ukraine attended to the training meeting which lasted for 4 days.




Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service