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IAEA’s experts have shared knowledge with Turkish experts on shaping infrastructure of the nuclear industry

The Workshop “Human Resources Development and Planning of Human Resource Training for the nuclear industry of the Republic of Turkey” was held in Ankara. Experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) shared experience how to plan the work force training for NPPs and develop human resources for new projects in the nuclear energy. The experts informed about the world practice of developing the structured human resource management, and told about the human resource improvement in UK, France, USA and other countries. The representatives of Akkuyu NPP, experts of the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) and the management of the nuclear physics Department of Hacettepe University took part in the workshop. The Deputies CEO of Akkuyu NPP Rauf Kasumov and Andrey Gurlenov, Head of the Plant Construction Department Alexey Petrov, Chief licensing coordinator Dmitriy Pokidishev participated in the event on behalf of the first Turkish NPP.


Andrey Gurlenov, HR and Administration Director, made a presentation with regard to implementation of the personnel training program for the NPP under construction. He told about the project organizational program to divide works between various companies involved in the construction under the IGA as well as about planning of stages of provision of the first Turkish nuclear power plant with labor resources. He marked that engineers trained in special training centers would be attracted for needs of NPP. As to the future tasks, Andrey Gurlenov said: «The operating personnel staffing structure has to be developed under the NPP design, and the list of professions, where local specialists can be used, as well as definition of an exact number of trainees per each profession, and stepwise commencement of the transfer of educational process to territory of the Republic of Turkey». The IAEA’s experts have marked a rather high level of attention paid by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey and the Akkuyu NPP management to the human resources development in the nuclear industry. During the event the IAEA’s experts assessed the scope of the work done and forecasted the demand for specialists in the nuclear physics area in the Republic of Turkey. According to them it will steadily grow, which has been proved by selection of the recent group of Turkish students to be educated in Russia by professions required in the nuclear energy. More than 4,500 students of the biggest Turkish Universities applied for such an education in 2013.




Following the workshop’s results its participants highlighted the first priority directions for shaping the work force infrastructure of the nuclear industry of the Republic of Turkey. This forum has opened cooperation of the International Atomic Energy Agency with the Turkish Ministry of Energy in the area of human resource management at NPPs.


IAEA intermittently holds activities aimed at assisting countries selecting to develop the nuclear energy. In the beginning of next October the IAEA technical meeting will be hold in Wien (Austria) with the subject Road map to shape and increase the work force potential for new and developing nuclear programs. Next year the International Conference on Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programs: Building and Sustaining Capacity will be organized. The conference will place a high value on issues in the area of human resources building, development of work forces, and data management within the nuclear industry as well as establishment of national, regional and international information networks.


The representatives of the Republic of Turkey and Akkuyu NPP’s specialists have already scheduled involvement in such events and suggested for the IAEA’s experts to hold in Ankara several sessions on shaping and building human resources, which are among the most urgent topics of the nuclear program of the Republic of Turkey.



Press Service of Akkuyu NPP