In Ankara, Taner Yildiz, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, addressed students of the second stream, going to Russia in the nearest time to study there

More than seventy students and their relatives were invited to visit the assembly hall of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey. General Director of AKKUYU NPP, Alexander Superfin, and Deputy Director General, Head of the office of Project Company in Ankara, Rauf Kasumov, were present at the meeting as special honorary guests. In his complimentary speech, Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Taner Yildiz, congratulated the assembled students on their successful passage of all examinations, as well as on their possibility to work at the first nuclear plant in Turkey in future: “While it is a lot of speculation, especially concerning the theme of nuclear power plants, it is very important that you, young men, are ready to get education in the nuclear industry. We send you not for dangers and risks, but for development and future of Turkey. I believe that you will adequately represent us there. Finishing apprenticeship, you will receive the big privilege - to work in the sphere which is short of specialists". In his speech, Mister Taner Yildiz concerned also plans for the development of the nuclear power industry: "The power-generating sector of Turkey has grown approximately by 7-8 percent while its decrease by 0.5 percent is observed in the countries of European Community. Therefore we give higher priority to domestic and renewable energy sources. We plan to replace gasworks with nuclear plants, and nuclear power plant will not increase power dependence of Turkey, but on the contrary, it will reduce such dependence. We can give detailed engineering calculations to one who wants. Our resolute desire concerning the theme of nuclear power plants remains in force. Till the end of the year, we will take our decision on the second nuclear power plant".

The educational program of Turkish specialists training for work at the first nuclear power plant, which is financed by the project company of AKKUYU NPP, started last year. At that time, 50 students from Turkey arrived for study in the fields of nuclear engineering, and they continue studying at the Institute of Nuclear Power of the National Research Nuclear University, MEPhI. To go for study to Russia, the students of the second stream had to pass written examinations as well as interview. In total, there were submitted more than three thousand applications from pupils of elite Turkish schools, students of Hacettepe University, Middle East Technical University, Istanbul Technical University, Ankara University and Gazi University. Turkish students will study 4 years to receive the Bachelor's degree (including one year of study at the pre-university courses). After 2 years of studying at the Master courses, the students will train at Russian nuclear power plants within 1-3 years. After completion of the training program, the Turkish students will work at the first Turkish nuclear power plant, Akkuyu.



The project company of AKKUYU NPP, according to the Russian-Turkish Intergovernmental Agreement, defrayed the expenses for preparation of Turkish specialists in the field of the nuclear power industry. Invited to the meeting of the Minister and students, Director General of AKKUYU NPP, Alexander Superfin, noticed that all conditions had been created for training and residing of Turkish students in Russia. Alexander Superfin addressed the students with his unique request, i.e. to show excellent academic progress.





In their reply message, the students thanked for the given possibility to get education in Russia and declared that they were very proud of, subsequently, being given a possibility to develop the nuclear power industry in their country. Taking the floor, parents of the students presented at the meeting, said: “Turkey (although behind time, but at last) takes steps in the nuclear power industry. We are proud that our children will enter a command of specialists which will develop this important direction for Turkey”.










Source: Press Service of AKKUYU NPP