In Mersin Province the Competition in Physics organized by AKKUYU NPP JSC was finished


In the city ofMersin(Turkey) the Competition in physics for schoolchildren was finished. The event organized by AKKUYU NPP JSC was aimed at increase of interest of schoolchildren in the science in general and in particular in studying physics. The employees of the Project Company participate in organization of similar events actively and engage talented students of educational institutions who have achieved success in studying technical subjects. This year the scientific competition was given the name “Competition of Young Physicians of Mersin”.


The teams from 24 educational institutions of the city of Mersin and other districts took part in the Competition. The competition consisted of 2 stages: two elimination rounds and the final. The first elimination round was successfully passed by the teams from the leading educational institutions of the province: Eyüp Aygar Technical Lyceum, Lyceum-Gymnasium at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mersin, Yildirimhan Burç Private Technical Lyceum, Yusuf Kalkavan Lyceum-Gymnasium, Yildirimhan Private Lyceum-Gymnasium. The teams of İçel Lyceum-Gymnasium, Pedagogical Lyceum-Gymnasium of the 75th Anniversary of the Republic Formation, Yahya Akel Technical Lyceum, Göksu Lyceum-Gymnasium and Mehmet Adnan Özçelik Lyceum-Gymnasium passed the second elimination round and came through to the final. All lyceums pay close attention to technical subjects. The students study physics, chemistry, geometry, algebra and other exact sciences.




For the Competition held in the conference hall of the Teacher’s House inMersineach lyceum provided a team of experts. The students of educational institutions participating in the event were also present in the hall and supported their teams actively. When observing the acute and tense competition the audience felt elation if their team gave a correct answer and were upset if their fellows made a mistake. The teachers who had prepared the teams did not stand aside either, they reacted to the success and failures of their charges strongly.


According to the Director of the Public Information Center (PIC) of Akkuyu NPP in Mersin Faruk Uzel the elimination rounds of the Competition had the atmosphere of the rivalry compared to the one of sporting competitions. On the threshold of the final stage the Director of the PIC expressed his hope that the struggle of the participants will not be less tense in the final. He added: “AKKUYU NPP JSC participates actively in the public life ofMersinProvince. Exactly there the project of construction of the nuclear power plant being the first inTurkeywill be realized. We are well aware how important the project is for our country and region. In the early 50’s of the last century many countries of Europe did not even hear of nuclear power engineering technologies while inTurkeyin 1954 the Atomic Energy Agency was created, i. e. the country started work in the area at that time. However, only in 2010 we approached achievement of the set objective and the Project Company plays an important role for achievement thereof. The built Akkuyu NPP will be operated absolutely safely and reliable for 60 years and produce electricity which is so necessary forTurkey”.


In the final of the Competition there was stubborn struggle up to the last question. Even the students of Eyüp Aygar Technical Lyceum who won the final stumbled over the last task after that the audience waited for the answer of the team of İçel Lyceum-Gymnasium with bated breath. The students of İçel Lyceum-Gymnasium could not cope with the task either and gave a wrong answer after that joyful exclamations of the students of the Technical Lyceum were heard in the hall as thank to the mistake of the competitors the team of the educational institution took the first place based on the amount of obtained points. Therefore, this year the students of Eyüp Aygar Technical Lyceum who took the first place in the first Competition in physics for students of lyceums which was held in 2013 repeated their success. “The win of the Competition has become a good tradition for us. We are going to repeat our success next year, therefore we will start preparation in the nearest future. We would like to thank the AKKUYU NPP JSC Project Company for the fact that it gives an opportunity to participate in such events”, the members of the team which had taken the first place noted.


In the final the Cup was won by the students of Eyüp Aygar Technical Lyceum who gave correct answers to almost all the questions. The honorary second place was taken by the team of İçel Lyceum-Gymnasium, the third one by the team of Pedagogical Lyceum-Gymnasium of the 75th Anniversary of the Republic Formation. The prize winners of the Competition were given souvenirs and the teachers of the lyceums who had prepared the teams for the competition were presented with bouquets of flowers in acknowledgement of the high level of knowledge of the participants of the intellectual competition.



Press Service of Akkuyu NPP JSC