In Turkey, a report on security systems of Akkuyu NPP was presented at a national radiation protection congress


In Ankara, at the University of Hacettepe, the first National radiation protection congress was held. The organizer was the Turkish Association of radiation protection experts (RADKOR). The event was attended by representatives of executive authorities of the Republic of Turkey, scientists and specialists of the companies, the activities of which are associated with nuclear power industry. Rolf Janke, Head of the directorate for cooperation with the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, made a presentation on the subject of Nuclear and radiation safety of the project of Akkuyu NPP.




Necati Yamaç, Deputy Minister of energy and natural resources of the Republic of Turkey, spoke at the congress opening. He reminded that a plan of construction of an NPP had initially appeared in Turkey 50 years ago, and that nuclear power industry meant not only construction of nuclear power plants, but also represented a new field important for the country and promoting development of industry and technologies. Necati Yamaç mentioned in his speech that: “Currently, Turkey depends on energy import by 72%. We annually spend $60 bln. for this expenditure item. The Republic of Turkey imports 98% of natural gas, 92% of oil and 20% of coal consumed in the country. I would like to notice that nuclear power plants operate even in countries with large oil and gas reserves. We need to build NPPs”.


Gönül Buyan, Chairman of the Association of radiation protection experts, thanked the participants and guests of the congress. She noted that the idea of representatives of RADKOR to hold a radiation protection congress had become a reality. “We keep a close watch on the process of formation of the Turkish nuclear industry and encourage its development aimed at the use of nuclear technologies”, – Gönül Buyan said. She told that the congress was organized with a purpose of searching for the answers to the questions of interest to the country’s citizens in connection with construction of nuclear power plants on the territory of Turkey.


According to Professor Murat Tuncer, rector of the University of Hacettepe, doctor of sciences, the term “radiation” is usually associated in the public perception with the need for protection. “We speak of radiation with fear and never discuss the issues of radiation safety. Significant public attention arose only after Turkey started to make specific steps towards the nuclear power industry development”, – Murat Tuncer said.


Rolf Janke, Head of the directorate for cooperation with the TAEK of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, made a presentation on the security systems of the Turkey’s first nuclear power plant and told in detail about the causes of the events that occurred at Fukusima-1 NPP in Japan, about the process of licensing of the Akkuyu NPP project, the Russian 3+ generation nuclear power plants, the radiation protection, as well as the process of utilization of spent nuclear fuel from Akkuyu NPP. Rolf Janke reminded the congress participants that, in connection with the lessons of the “Fukusima” NPP, a meeting of the member states of the Nuclear Safety Convention concerning amendment of the document was held in 2014 in the Headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). “According to the amendments, all the required protective measures must be taken at the stages of development and construction of nuclear power plants for prevention of possible accidents and for stable operation of NPPs. All these requirements are observed during the development of Akkuyu NPP”, – Rolf Janke emphasized. The representative of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC told that Akkuyu NPP would be constructed according to the modern Russian 3+ generation AES-2006 project corresponding to all international safety requirements. By using active and passive safety systems, the project of the first in Turkey’s NPP makes provisions for several protective barriers and multiple duplication of safety channels.


During the congress, the issues were discussed such as development of the national infrastructure in the sphere of radiation protection, the issues of training of expert and scientific personnel for nuclear power generation stations, the issues of radioactive protection in the process of conduction of scientific investigations and use of naturally occurring radioactive materials, personal metering and environmental metering, as well as radiation monitoring methods and techniques.


Press service of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC