We regret that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of people in Turkey and around the world. In this difficult period, there are growing concerns and fears in our society. In order to prevent manipulation of public opinion, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC continues informing its employees, the media and the general public about the current working conditions at the project, as well as measures taken to counter the spread of the coronavirus infection at the construction site, where over 5,000 people are currently employed.


As part of the project, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and all contracting organizations are strictly implementing  all necessary measures to protect the health of employees and ensure safe and continuous operation of the project.


Today, an employee of a contracting organization was diagnosed with coronavirus, and that employee has been isolated and quarantined. The list of people in contact with this employee has been identified. All of them have also been isolated. The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey as well as local authorities were informed about the incident, and constant cooperation was established with them.


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC continues to ensure compliance with all the necessary measures in place, protecting the health of employees and the safety of the site. This is done to mitigate the impact of the epidemiological crisis on the сonstruction of the first NPP in the Republic of Turkey and guarantee the fulfillment of obligations before the Turkish party in their full scope according to the timeline stipulated in the intergovernmental agreement. AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Interior and other government authorities of the Turkish Republic. The company is prepared to enhance measures preventing the spread of the virus, including quarantine, should it be implemented in Turkey.


We continue to regularly update the status regarding the current situation on the construction site, the health of all the employees, and communicate transparently and truthfully with the public. We wish everyone good health and a speedy alleviation of the epidemiologic crisis. AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC joined the federal project “We are enough for each other” and offers all the support possible not only to employee family members and Mersin residents, but also to all Turkish people.