In the context of the allegations published in the social media and some media outlets concerning construction works on the Akkuyu NPP site, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC considers it necessary to comment on the mentioned publications for the purpose of truthful informing of the public.


The first seconds of the video published are not in any other way related to buildings or structures of the Akkuyu NPP. This footage showы a section of a road and a special site located within the Akkuyu NPP construction site. Trails of a large special vehicle can be seen on the concrete surface which is not a foundation of a building, whereas such vehicles cannot drive onto the concrete base or foundation slab.


Further on the footage was taken at the concrete levelling strainer foundation of Akkuyu NPP Unit 3 turbine building. The concrete blinding serves as the base for the building foundation and distributes the load from the building over a larger area.  Apart from that it provides additional waterproofing of the foundation from groundwater and flattens the installation surface for more precise reinforcement cage placement.


In fact, the base of the foundation plate, which is not always made of concrete – it may be crushed stone, gravel or a sand cushion – should be a flat area on which the reinforcing cage is subsequently mounted and the building foundation is erected. The presence of changes in the concrete base permissible by design parameters does not in any way affect the rigidity of the structure and the stability of the building being erected. We would also like to point out that the suitability of the subgrade for the construction of buildings and structures of the nuclear power plant is confirmed by the results of a whole range of engineering surveys.


All works at the construction site of the Akkuyu NPP is carried out in compliance with all Turkish, Russian and international quality and safety requirements, under the constant multistage control of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, its contractors, and independent inspection organizations, including the French engineering group Assystem and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Turkey (NDK).


As for the shots, which show water sinking out of the ground, they demonstrate the standard work on construction dewatering. In case groundwater is high enough to serve as an obstacle for the construction of a pit or pouring the foundation concrete, a set of measures is taken to drain the construction site the site on a temporary basis. Such measures are being implemented until the construction passes the stage of waterproofing the foundation and will not rise above the water table. For this purpose, the so-called sumps are arranged on the construction sites - receiving wells designed to drain groundwater using pumping units. It is exactly these works that are shown in the parts of the video showing water sinking out of the ground. Dewatering installations and devices, including a network of gutters, sump and water collectors, are located in such a way as not to create obstacles for the operation of construction equipment and transport, as well as the construction and operation of neighboring structures. These measures are implemented only at the stage of construction work, since a drainage system is also being created at the Akkuyu NPP site. The system will reliably lower the groundwater level and drain rainwater from the plant's buildings and structures.