In connection with the appearance of publications in the social media and a series of media outlets regarding the subject of labor conditions and occupational health and safety compliance at the Akkuyu NPP construction site, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC considers it necessary to publish the undermentioned official information for reliable public disclosure.


The occupational health and safety compliance is a priority for AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC and one of the key requirements imposed upon all the contractor and sub-contractor organizations engaged into the project. AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC monitors safety compliance, fulfilment of salary payment obligations to the employees and upholding the rights of the workers at the construction site on a regular basis.


If any deficiencies and violations are found on the part of the subcontractor organizations, an official notice shall be sent to them on the necessity for corrective actions. Besides that AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC monitors both the compliance and deadlines for corrective actions.


Under applicable law of the Republic of Turkey the employer is liable for the safe performance of works. The direct responsibility for violation of labor protection rules shall rest on the persons appointed as responsible for monitoring the safe execution of works at the relevant organizations. Special committees formed by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC investigate all the circumstances of the incidents. Following the investigations all the required legal actions are taken with respect to the persons responsible for the circumstances leading to violation occurrence. The Management of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC interacts with the local and central authorities of the Republic of Turkey on all the specified issues. Moreover, the relevant state authorities of the Republic of Turkey regularly conduct inspections at the Akkuyu NPP construction site for compliance with the occupational health and safety rules. Three such inspections have been made within this year.


Relating to the video going viral on social media and some mass media in which the clash of employees is seen with the intervening of the security service representatives of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, it is to be noted that this incident took place on November 11 outside the Akkuyu NPP site near the checkpoint. The conflict does not involve the issues of salary payment or compliance of labor conditions of the employees. A quarrel took place between the workers of subcontractor organizations on completion of the work shift. The security officers of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, responsible for assuring compliance with the access control arrangements and public order at the Akkuyu NPP construction site, responded to the incident promptly and separated the conflicting employees. In order to avoid similar situations AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC works closely with the contractor and subcontractor organizations. Notices on the necessity of observation of workplace discipline both inside and outside the construction site have been sent to the responsible persons, and taking measures for not allowing similar incidents. Information about the conflict instigators has been transferred to the law enforcing authorities for conducting investigation and bring the responsible people to justice.


Akkuyu NPP construction is being carried out in compliance with the safety requirements. Surveillance and monitoring over the construction and construction and installation works at site, over all the facilities, systems and components of the works are performed by the related state and independent inspection organizations, including the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK) and the French Assystem company. Independent inspection activities are a part of the standard practice within the construction of large industrial facilities. The specified activities include quality control of the materials and equipment used and their compliance with the applicable requirements of the national and international laws and standards, and compliance monitoring of the safety culture principles.