Information session about the Akkuyu NPP Project took place in the Association of Russian and Turkish businessmen


The Association of Russian and Turkish businessmen headed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Naki Karaaslan initiated the session. Gökhan Turan and Özgör Şahin, counsellors of Turkish embassy, took part in the event. Oleg Titov, Head of the Akkuyu NPP Moscow Representative Office, represented the Project Company. The Turkish preparatory course students and the second-year students of the Russian National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (NRNU MEPhI) also participated in this information session.



The Association Chairman Naki Karaaslan stated in his welcome address that: “Russia-Turkey cooperation intensively progresses year by year. Our interaction grows every day and not only in the area of tourism and attraction of Turkish construction companies to the Russian market but also in the field of the hi-tech atomic mechanical engineering. The Akkuyu NPP construction project in Mersin province literally gathers attention of the whole world. Soon the Republic of Turkey will become a full member of the nuclear community, and it accordingly entails the economic growth and general welfare of our citizens”.


Oleg Titov, Head of the Akkuyu NPP Representative Office, underlined in his answering speech the importance of the first Turkish NPP building both for Mersin province and for the Republic of Turkey. The Head of the Representative Office pointed out advantages of the implementation model selected for the nuclear power plant construction project, viz. BOO (Build-Own-Operate). The model is quite appropriate for the fastest growing Republic of Turkey, which tends to increase power consumption and augment the national income per capita. Novovoronezh NPP-2 (town of Novovoronezh, Russia) to be commissioned in 2014 was selected as a reference nuclear power plant project for the Turkish NPP. Oleg Titov said: “The nuclear energy potentials should be used to satisfy the growing power demand and diversify energy resources of Turkey. The authorities of the Republic of Turkey do all their best for the nuclear industry”. The Project Company closely collaborates with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resource, Turkish Atomic Energy Authority, Ministry of Environment and other governmental agencies of the Republic of Turkey.



Gökçehan Tosun, the second-year student of the Atomic Energy Institute of NRNU MEPhI, said during the session: “We are happy to study atomic energy in Russia. NRNU MEPhI is specialized in nuclear physics and nuclear technologies. The University carries out fundamental research, conducts proficient specialist training and maintains continuous contacts with many world leading Universities. We shall develop the nuclear industry in Turkey for the NPP-generated power to contribute to economic growth of our country.”


As of today NRNU MEPhI is educating 190 Turkish students for atomic professions (there are 78 students at the preparatory course, 64 first-year students and 48 second-year students). The Project Company does its best to provide for the Turkish students all conditions necessary to get knowledge in the atomic energy. Akkuyu NPP is interested in success of them – future specialists of the nuclear industry of the Republic of Turkey. The Company tries to incentivize the best ones, welcomes student activities both in studies and social life of the University.


After communicating with the students Siyamend Kaçmaz, journalist of Doğan Turkish news agency, interviewed Oleg Titov. The Head of the Akkuyu NPP Moscow Representative Office expressed hope that the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) would be approved by the Turkish Ministry of Energy in the nearest future. «So we will be able to continue our large-scale preparatory work for on-site construction activities.” – Head of the Representative Office of the Project Company said. Oleg Titov stated that during the project implementation Turkish contractors would fulfill up to 90% of the construction work and around 50% of the installation work, moreover up to 20% of the plant equipment would be manufactured by Turkish vendors. «As a whole the Turkish share in this project can attain 35-40%, which is equal to 6-7 bln. USD, and it is a weighty contribution to the economy of Turkey. Now around 350 companies have filed applications to be included into the list of companies-suppliers, thus having desire to participate in the NPP building project” – Titov added.


Concluding his interview the Head of the Project Company Representative Office highlighted that now talks with potential Turkish and international investors were ongoing. “Under the Intergovernmental Agreement between Russia and Turkey up to 49% of the project shares can be realized among foreign investors. I’d like to say that some Turkish representatives showed interest in such an opportunity”, – Titov stated.


For reference:

The Association of Russian and Turkish businessmen was established in Moscow in 1997. The main goal of the organization is assistance to Turkish companies working in Russia and Russian companies working in Turkey. Now more than 1,000 Turkish companies working in the Russian Federation are members of the Association.



Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service