March 1, 2022, Büyükeceli, Mersin Province, Turkey. ­– Installation of the main equipment components of the reactor facility completed in the reactor building of Akkuyu NPP Unit 1. In addition to the reactor pressure vessel installed in 2021, the main circulation pumps (MCP) set, hydraulic accumulators of the emergency core cooling system (ECCS) and steam generators have been installed in the design position in the reactor building. The reactor coolant pipeline (RCP) units have also been delivered to the installation area, pre-assembly thereof was made at a specially equipped shop at the NPP construction site.


The equipment was installed using a heavy Liebherr LR 13000 caterpillar crane by using the Open Top technology, when the equipment is delivered through the open top of the cylindrical part of the reactor building.


"Having installed the steam generators, we have come one step closer to the milestone of the first power unit construction which is welding of the reactor coolant pipeline, in which the primary coolant shall circulate. The builders are expected to equip the so called clean installation area. Cleanliness of the premises, air quality and humidity is ensured during welding of the RCP, since the strictest requirements are presented to the quality of RCP welded joints" - noted Sergei Butckikh, the first Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Director of NPP under construction.


MCP shells are first grade safety products. The main  coolant pump set at the nuclear power plant ensures circulation of coolant (demineralized water) of temperature 300 degrees Celsius under pressure about 160 atmospheres. The weight of one shell is more than 31 tons at height 3.5 m and width above 3 m. One power unit of the nuclear power plant with VVER-1200 type reactors is equipped with four MCPs, whereas safe operation of NPP is provided if there are two operating pumps with reduction of power unit capacity.


ECCS Hydro Accumulators are one of the most important components of the NPP safety system. Four accumulators made of carbon steel of weight 78 tons each, one each for each reactor coolant pipeline loop contain 60 tons of aqueous boric acid solution and are connected with the reactor pressure vessel. ECCS is designed for automatic supply or boric acid solution to the reactor core in the event of coolant leakage. The system provides safe removal of reactor core afterheat in the event of emergency with primary circuit depressurization.


The steam generators are classified as the main equipment of reactor facility coolant circuit and are designed for transfer of heat released in the reactor core to the secondary circuit, where vapor rotating the power unit turbine is generated.


The preparation stage for welding of the reactor coolant pipeline (RCPL) connecting the main equipment of NPP reactor coolant system begins with the completion of steam generators installation. The RCPL welding stage, which is very important for assuring the safe operation of the power unit, takes about three months. It is planned to start welding in spring 2022.