International Smart Holidays under the Rosatom School project has ended in Turkey



Turkey hosted the regular shift of the International Smart Holidays supported by Rosatom State Corporation. Over 80 school children from 9 countries took part in the project. Children from Russian, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, Slovakia, Hungary and Turkey came to Antalya. The Turkish school children represented regions of Gülnar and Silifke of Mersin province, where the nuclear power plant under the Russian technologies is being built.

During the shift, the curriculum of which included many artistic, sporting and cultural events, a variety of developing classes was proposed to the school children, and they were able to fulfil their leadership and organizational skills. The children took part in theatrical shows; staged concerted items; told about the culture and traditions of their countries; did craftworks, competed in informative and entertaining contests. The school children had a possibility to get acquainted with the history and natural beauty of Antalya: a tour was arranged for them to the old fortress of Antalya located in the downtown, and to Geynuk canyon, one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Antalya.

In conclusion of the shift the kids from Turkey and other countries were happy to share their impressions about the project.


Ibrahim Şahin (city of Silifke, province of Mersin, Turkey): «Earlier I already took part in the winter shift, which was in Russia. There I got the right to participate in the summer shift in Antalya. I am very grateful to Rosatom that I had two-fold opportunity to be here. Both in Russian and here I spend wonderful time and met kids from different countries. I am sure that experience I got here will be useful for me in the future».










Hurie Dibekli (city of Silifke, province of Mersin, Turkey): «First of all I would like to thank AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, company, which builds the NPP in Turkey, for invitation to take part in such an exciting project! During this shift I managed to be a team player and made a lot of friends. It is fantastic when toward a common goal you cooperate with people of different culture and languages! Thanks to this project I learnt to do a lot of things that I never did before».









Yiğit Deniz (village of Büyükeceli, province of Mersin, Turkey): «I believe that I’m lucky to be in this camp. We had wonderful time with new friends from different countries. I would like to maintain continuing relationship with kids I met here. Thanks to the organizers of this trip!»











Aysu Göktaş (village of Büyükeceli, province of Mersin, Turkey): «I am a secondary school pupil of the village of Büyükeceli. This is my first experience of participation in such a project. Here I met a lot of good people, who came from different corners of the world. Besides I got a unique opportunity to practice foreign languages! We made a tour to Antalya, visited beautiful places. Also I liked much contests and classes we took part. I will miss very much all I met here!»









Mete Baydar (city of Gülnar, province of Mersin, Turkey): «I am very happy to participate in this project. In the camp I learnt lot of new. Also I realized importance of team work. I learnt to communicate with people speaking other languages. Now I feel sad because of separation with my new friends, but I’m sure that our friendship will live many and many years».









Mubashira Mahbub (Bangladesh): «From the first sight the camp was beautiful: the shift was arranged in wooden houses in the forest; and warm welcome smiles enhanced the impression. During the shift we took part in thrilling and informative events; all in all, that went pretty well! Earlier I never was in Turkey. Thanks to Rosatom for such an opportunity. I will never forget this trip and friends I met here!»







Licas Herz (Slovakia): «I spent nice time in this camp since I’m very fond of arts. It was very interesting; I saw that in my dreams! I did like that every day we tried a new kind of art. Also I would like to note the beauty of nature: here wood and sea are so beautiful. I’m delighted with Antalya, Turkey. When I got home, I told everybody about that great country!»