Investments into construction of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant will promote integrated development of the Kaliningrad Oblast


According to Vladimir Potsyapun, a member of the State Duma Committee on Energy, a chairman of the sub-committee on legal regulation of the nuclear energy, “A nuclear power station is not just an energy producing facility. It’s the concomitant infrastructure and networks through which electricity is transferred. And for large business, it is a guarantee of stable and affordable satisfaction of the needs of large-scale energy-consuming enterprises for electricity. Construction of the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant in the Kaliningrad Oblast should be viewed exactly from this point of view.


Investments into construction of the nuclear power station will promote integrated development of the region and facilitate solution of problems at the labour market in the North East of the Kaliningrad Oblast. Let me remind you that one well-paid work place at a nuclear power station creates three or four work places in related sectors and up to ten work places in whole, as the city where the nuclear experts are to live will require shops, nursery schools and hairdressing salons. The population of the region should also be interested in successful implementation of the project because a nuclear power station is a very large taxpayer, and the taxes paid by such taxpayer (at least 2 bln. rubles per year) will be used, among other things, for development of the region”.



Source: “Energy Expert Centre”