Japan Government confirmed the necessity to re-start two NPP reactors.

For the first time after Fukushima-1 NPP accident the Government of Japan has confirmed the need to restart two reactors of Ooi NPP, which have been shut-down for preventive maintenance and belong to Kansai Electric Power, said the Minister of Economics and Industry, Mr. Yukio Edano, on April 13 at the press-conference. Only one of Japan’s 54 reactors is in operation at present but it is scheduled to be shut down for maintenance work on May 05. Since Fukushima-1 accident none of the shutdown reactors have been re-started. "The Government proceeds on the basis to provide steady energy supply. During the meeting of the four key ministers a conclusion has been made that the re-start of reactors 3 and 4 of Ooi NPP is a necessity” – stated Edano. Decision regarding the re-start was not easy to the ministers: the meeting was the sixth one during the last two weeks. The main reason for re-starting is a real threat of energy shortage in Kansai industrial zone, encompassing Osaka and Kioto,- informs According to the government estimate, in case of unlucky train of events the energy shortage can amount to 18.6%. But even in case of a fresh summer, additional energy provision from other power companies and energy saving in the region the energy deficiency can be not less than 5%. The operator of the plant and the Government shall obtain the agreement of the administration and the community of the prefecture of Fukui, where the plant is located, and this task is the most difficult: after Fukushima-1 NPP accident the Japanese society has definitely become very negative toward the nuclear energy. The Minister Edano is planning to visit the prefecture of Fukui in order to convince opponents on site in the necessity and safety of two reactors re-starting. If he succeeds to get approval for restart of Ook NPP reactors, they will be the first put into operation within 13 months after Fukushima-1 NPP accident. An important supporting argument for the Japanese authorities is that the third and the fourth reactors of Ook NPP have passed stress tests, which results had been accepted both by the Japanese experts and IAEA specialists.

Source: RIA Novosti