Japanese journalists conducted TV filming near the Akkuyu NPP construction site


Japanese public TV company NHK conducted filming of a documentary about the construction of Akkuyu NPP in Mersin province of the Republic of Turkey within the framework of creation of a special program "World power market". Part of the filming, which is planned to be shown on air on NHK TV channel in May-June of this year, was conducted in the village Buyukedzheli (the nearest residential area to the construction site). Crew of Japanese TV channel consisting of producer Uematsu Yoshito, operator Shigeyuki Matsuki and sound engineer Shinji Sako have communicated with the local residents of Mersin province. Director of the Department for Relations with Non-Governmental and Governmental Organizations of AKKUYU NPP JSC Tahir Agayev, Head of the Public Relations Department of Representative Office of AKKUYU NPP JSC in Moscow Vasily Korelsky, Director of the Public Information Center (PIC) of Akkuyu NPP in Buyukedzheli Lyutfi Sarydzhi participated in the shooting.


A team of Japanese TV journalists got stared in one of the tea houses, which is a traditional place where people gather and discuss various issues while drinking a cup of Turkish tea. During the filming, which caught intense interest of the local population, the local residents carefully familiarized themselves with new brochures and booklets about the construction of Turkey's first nuclear power plant. Director of PIC discussed with the local residents the plant construction project, which after construction and commissioning will generate thousands of megawatts of electricity. A separate topic of the documentary will be the attitude of Mersin province residents to the construction of Akkuyu NPP. During the filming the residents of Buyukedzheli specially focused on the fact that the project will contribute to regional development and improving of the welfare of citizens.



The home of Cansel Ugran, winner of Russian creative, educational project "Today it's fantastic, tomorrow it’s a reality", which involved children creating posters on the theme of "Nature and NPP: friendly neighborhood" also became a filming spot. The winner of competition told Japanese reporters about how she visited the operating nuclear power station in Russia, how she met with children living in the town near the nuclear power plant. Members of Cansel Ugran’s family noted that today the majority of people in the region live at the expense of agriculture. They expressed hope that NPP construction project will make it possible to expand the sectors of employment and, therefore, help to improve life quality of the region and whole country.


NHK TV company producer Uematsu Yoshito noted that the purpose of the film is to tell the public about how nuclear power allows to develop economies of different countries. He said: "We are working on a documentary in order to tell what power sources do the countries use to satisfy domestic needs for electricity, as well as what preparatory works are carried out within the framework of solving the problem of energy shortage and energy dependency. Turkey is on the way to solve this problem due to the nuclear power. Turkish Republic attracts a lot of attention around the world and, especially, Japan. That's what we are going to tell in our documentary. Earlier in the series of documentaries we talked about what energy sources are used by rapidly developing economies of the world, such as Brazil. However, shooting of this episode has a special significance for us, as Japan also intends to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey. Thanks to our movie Japanese citizens will not only get information about how the Turkish Republic satisfies its energy needs, but also find out how the local residents feel about construction of Akkuyu NPP.



Akkuyu NPP JSC Press Service