Jobs and Education

Work at a modern nuclear power plant is not only confidence in the future, but also a reason for pride. Nuclear power is the only type of environmentally friendly generation that provides a stable source of electricity. In the modern world, with its growing demand for electricity and at the same time the need to reduce environmental impact, the future is with nuclear energy.


In Turkey, where the economy is booming and the population today exceeds 80 million and continues to grow, the need for electricity will only increase in the coming decades.


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, like every enterprise in the nuclear industry, needs employees who have up-to-date knowledge and technologies, are initiative, ambitious, ready to adopt the experience of previous generations and contribute to the development of nuclear energy.


We need all kinds of specialists, because the history of Akkuyu NPP is just beginning. Today and in the years to come, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC is interested in attracting a wide range of personnel, primarily qualified employees in the field of NPP operation.


Positions await candidates in various services and divisions, from supporting functions to jobs in the nuclear safety department, turbine and reactor workshops.


Resumes are welcome of candidates with experience in the nuclear industry, as well as everyone who wants to apply their skills working in the region of Akkuyu NPP construction in the Mersin province in the south of the Republic of Turkey.


Main candidate selection criteria for all positions:

  • compliance with the requirements for the position;
  • having the necessary professional competencies;
  • sharing the values of Rosatom State Corporation:


«One step ahead» 

We strive to be a leader in global markets. We are always a step ahead in technologies, knowledge and skills of our employees. We foresee tomorrow's developments and prepare for them today. We keep developing and learning. Every day we endeavor to work better than yesterday.

«Responsibility for the results» 

Each of us is personally responsible for the result of our work and the quality of our activities to the state, industry, colleagues and customers. We set the most stringent requirements for our activities. We measure the results, not the efforts. Successful results provide a starting point for our new achievements.


We always find the best solutions. We are efficient in everything we do: as we work towards the achievement of our objectives, we use the resources of the Company in the most feasible way and keep improving our work processes. Nothing will ever prevent us from finding the most efficient solutions.

«One team» 

We are all Rosatom. We share common purposes. Working in a team of like-minded people allows us to achieve unique results. We draw our strength in unity and aspire to achieving the most ambitious objectives. The success of the employees is the success of the Company.


We respect our customers, partners and suppliers. We always listen to each other and hear each other regardless of the positions and places of employment. We respect the history and traditions of the industry. Achievements of the past inspire use for new victories.


Safety has overriding priority in everything. First and foremost, we endeavor to ensure ultimate safety of humans and the environment in all our activities. There are no trivial matters when it comes to safety: we know the rules, we follow the rules and we stop any deviations. Since 2015, all Rosatom employees have been annually assessed for these values by the RECORD verification. Compliance with corporate values is taken into account when hiring new employees, as well as when making personnel decisions.


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC offers interesting employment, prospects for professional and career growth, stable wages and benefits.


Nuclear energy is one of the most high-tech industries, and work in the nuclear industry is associated with ongoing training. Such opportunities are offered by the Rosatom Corporate and Technical Academies - our corporate universities, where more than 200 training dedicated programs are available for industry employees.


The personnel of Akkuyu NPP will be Russian-Turkish, and upon commencement of commercial operation of the plant, the number of employees in the company will exceed 3,000.


Today you have the opportunity to be among those who will come among the first employees at Akkuyu NPP and within a few years will form a team managing the modern nuclear power plant.


Welcome aboard!



Send a resume marked "RESUME" and indicating the position or activity you are interested in: to  

Akkuyu Nuclear invites you to work on the following jobs:


• Locksmith for the maintenance of heating networks


• Pumping station operator.

Jobs of Akkuyu Nuclear are also posted on the website of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom:

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Education for Turkish students

In Turkey, there is a great interest in Russian education in the field of nuclear energy on the part of Turkish students. Today, Turkish personnel are actively training for jobs at the future nuclear power plant.


In order to implement the International Government Agreement, the Russian Federation provided an opportunity for Turkish students to receive specialized education in Russian universities.


Today, Turkish students are studying at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). After they have received education and training at the educational and technical centers of Rosatom, all graduates are to work at the first nuclear station in Turkey - Akkuyu NPP in the province of Mersin.


The total duration of training will be about 7 years: students will learn Russian during one year, then they will have four years of training for a degree in “Nuclear Power Plants, Design, Operation, and Engineering”, after which they will have an internship at one of the enterprises of the nuclear industry of Russia, depending on the qualification awarded upon graduation.


Students are accommodated in groups of 2-3 people in a student dormitory, they are provided with medical insurance, a ticket from Ankara to Moscow at the beginning of the academic year (one-time) and a ticket from Moscow to Ankara at the end of the academic year (one-time). 5 coordinators and 1 head of the educational program work to provide assistance to students. One of the coordinators is responsible for student safety issues. All coordinators speak Russian, Turkish and are available to students 24 hours a day.


Students will receive a scholarship throughout their studies.


In March 2018, the first graduation of Turkish students with a degree in the nuclear energy field took place. 35 young specialists have successfully completed their studies with a degree in “Nuclear Power Plants, Design, Operation, and Engineering” at MEPhI, the main specialized university of the Russian nuclear industry. All of them received job offers at AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC, and they have been working in the company for a year now.


In February 2019, AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC offered a job to the second graduation wave of Turkish young nuclear scientists. 53 MEPhI graduates (year 2019) received job offers in the company.


In February 2020, 54 graduates of MEPhI received their diplomas, followed by job offers to join the Akkuyu project.


Education in Russian universities at the expense of the Russian budget is under way for more than 120 Turkish students.


The Akkuyu NPP construction project needs young qualified personnel, and we are pleased that Turkish youth are choosing a degree in the field of nuclear energy. We are looking forward to their active participation in the project to build the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.



Master programs for Turkish students


As part of implementation of the program of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey in the field of education and development of nuclear competencies, young specialists with a basic technical education no lower than the Bachelor degree are offered the opportunity to continue their studies in the field of nuclear technology under the master's program.


In 2019, the first enrollment of Turkish citizens for master's programs was held. In September this year, more than two dozen people are to begin training under the programs "Heat and Power Engineering" and "Power and Electrical Engineering" at St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Upon successful completion of the master's program, graduates will receive job offers at the first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey.


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC plans to continue recruiting bachelor degree graduates - Turkish young specialists - for master's programs. Please follow the updates on our website.