Jordan to build more nuclear reactors


Jordan plans to build more nuclear reactors to meet its sharply rising electricity demand, the state- run Petra news agency reported on Wednesday.


The high and uncertain cost of energy imports is negatively affecting the country's development in many vital sectors, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mohammad Hamed said in a statement. "Therefore, the development of secure alternative energy supplies is considered a top national priority to Jordan."


"As we move into the coming decade, it is envisaged that Jordan will continue to build more nuclear power plants to meet its growing energy demand," the minister said.


Jordan plans to have a 1,000-megawatt nuclear reactor in operation by 2021 and a second one by 2025.


Jordan, which imports about 97 percent of its energy needs annually, seeks to diversify its energy resources through implementing a series of mega projects in the fields of oil shale, renewable energy, natural gas and nuclear energy.