Journalists from Turkish newspapers visited the site where NPP AKKUYU will be built



For the first time heavy doors on the NPP AKKUYU site opened up for journalists as a part of a familiarization tour. It was the press that came forward with this initiative, the journalists from well-known Turkish newspapers Hürriyet, Sabah, Akşam, Habertürk and Zaman, and also the Ekonomist magazine. Before visiting the site of future construction the representatives of the Power Industry and Mass Media community had a look at the countryside surrounding the town closest to the future NPP. The deputy director of AKKUYU NPP Rauf Kasumov, who accompanied the journalists, declared:  “We will have an inhabited area built here in the near future. There will be more than 4.5 thousand people living here when the power station is in operation of the power station and about 10 thousand people during the construction of the power station. It will indirectly provide employment for around 40 thousand people. There will be new transport networks, modern lighting. People from nearby villages will be able to come to organized markets to sell their produce”.  Today design and survey works are carried out at the construction site. Survey works are also conducted at the water area.  The drilling operations in the sea are conducted at the depth of up to 30 meters. The obtained results will help achieve a more accurate analysis of the site. Ecological research is carried out parallel to the survey work.  Scientists study flora and fauna. Out of 200 people working at the construction site, 180 represent the Turkish Republic. By this day more than 50 million dollars have been spent as a part of the project. As of now proposals from 100 potential Turkish service providers have been studied. The capabilities of the industry are very great and they will be used in the construction of the power station. During their visit to the site the journalists inquired about the station safety issues. Rauf Kasumov noted: “Russia was the first country to build nuclear power stations, and all the experience accumulated in the safety field, all the most innovative solutions will be used in this project; when it is commissioned, this station will be the safest one”.


   Later on this day the journalists visited the Information Center in Büyükeceli, the town closest to the construction site. It is here that the local inhabitants get answers to all their questions about nuclear industry. While talking to the press, the head of the center,  Eyüp Lütfi Sarıcı , noted that the local population waits for the beginning of full-scale NPP construction work, wanting to get more workplaces. As he says, the AKKUYU NPP will really change the life of the whole district. The cost of houses located in this district has already grown twofold. The AKKUYU company opened an English language training course in the Information Center; soon those interested will also be able to start studying Russian.  There is also an interesting program planned for children — an art competition with the winners getting an opportunity to go to Russia and to visit a nuclear power station in operation. The information center will also have a computer game a bit like «Farmville», where the player manages his own town. However, in this version the schoolchildren will build virtual nuclear power stations and manage their operations.


The journalists who visited the side of the future NPP construction obtained all the information they were interested in.


AKKUYU NPP Press Service