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May 29, 2020, Mersin Province, Turkey. – Silifke State Hospital and Family Medicine Center in Büyükeceli received 70 thousand Turkish liras each from the Company. Donations are aimed at developing infrastructure and improving conditions for patients. Certificates of donation totaling 140 thousand Turkish liras were handed over to the heads of medical institutions by Alexey Frolov, Managing Director for GR and International Cooperation of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC


“AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC has always paid particular attention to social responsibility. The number of personnel who live in areas adjacent to the site is constantly growing - to date more than 6,000 people have been mobilized. Thus, the load on the local social facilities including hospitals is constantly increasing. The doctors are working 24/7 sparing no effort and resource to fight the pandemic", said Alexey Frolov. "We want to thank the doctors for their dedication. The work of those who save lives is invaluable. Nowadays, the least thing that each of us can do to ease the burden on medical staff is to follow antiviral protection measures and support each other”.


Chief Medical Officer of Silifke State Hospital Özgür Ozan Karak expressed gratitude to the management of the company. He said that the money would facilitate re-equipping the wards for the patients to be more comfortable and procuring surgical facilities,


“We are very grateful for any help during this time which is difficult for everyone. These funds will allow us to improve the conditions for people in the wards. We have planned to purchase new beds for the intensive care unit for a long time – we will replace six existing beds with more modern ones. We also need to purchase some surgical instruments. And we are going to do it in the nearest future”.