Metin Kilci participated in the round table meetings


Metin Kilci, First Deputy Minister of Power and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey took part in the round table meetings of the international forum ATOMEXPO-2012.

Round table, dedicated to the integrated approach towards the development of the nuclear power sector, become one of the key events for the participants of the Forum. What are the requirements of the counties that are developing the nuclear power sector? What nuclear power sector markets are open, and what products may be supplied to such by the RosAtom? How are the service offers of RosAtom are better than of its competitors? All these issues, and more, were discussed by the top management of large organizations, companies and representatives of various countries.


According to Dzhuritsa Tankosich, Vice-President of Worley Parsons, at present the nuclear power sector is displaying three core trends: potential return of the long-term crisis, amendment of the requirements towards the nuclear power after the Fukushima accident, and the change in the public view on nuclear power. The latter did not undergo any drastic changes, which is a good sign, with respect to a negative view on the nuclear power after the Fukushima tragedy – unlike, for example, the Chernobyl accident.


The global trend of development of nuclear power is changing – nuclear power generating capacities are ever more in demand by developing countries, who had almost no negative reaction towards the Fukushima accident in terms of reduction of construction schedules. Countries with developed nuclear power sectors adhere to the Engineering, Procurement and Construction systems, with significant share of localization, however for countries who have only began the development of nuclear power, an important condition of its development is an integrated approach, including the development of the nuclear power infrastructure, development of regulations, organization of financial support of the Power Plant construction and the search for investors, as well as the training of staff and information of the public. Another element of the new trends is the change in the contract organization – in the developed country markets contracts for the Power Plant construction are signed between commercial participants-companies, on the other side, in the developing countries the government has to be one of the core participants of the construction. Another element of the new approach to the development of the nuclear power is the use of the build-own-operate scheme. Supplier Company remains as the owner of the Power Plant and sells electric power to the country in which it’s built. The first Nuclear Power Plant that is constructed under the BOO scheme is located in Turkey.

”Accident at the Fukushima Power Plant had an effect on the toughening of safety norms for the Nuclear Power Plants. Compliance with the most stringent international safety standards is the core condition for the construction of the Nuclear Power Plant” – said Metin Kilci, First Deputy Minister of Power and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey. In addition to high NPP safety requirements, Turkey is also guided by the international norms, including the signed Convention on Early Nuclear Accident Notification. Meanwhile, development of nuclear power is an important element of the development strategy for the Turkish electrical energy industry: In compliance with the Intergovernmental Agreements four Water-Cooled Power Reactors-1200 are to be constructed on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in the province of Mersin. Preparatory works are already underway, including the reception of corresponding licenses, provision of the report on the environmental impact. In addition we plan to being constriction of another NPP in Sinop – said Metin Kilci.


An important element of an integrated proposal offered by RosAtom is the high level of localization. According to Alexey Kalinin, Director of the International business Department of RosAtom, the latter offers up to 80% localization in case of large volumes of construction of the NPP in the importing country. In particular, possibility of such localization during the construction of the NPP refers to the proposal of the RosAtom offered at tender held in the Czech Republic (NPP Temelin). Martin Petsina, Director General of Vitkovice Machinery Group (Czech Republic), talked about the opportunities and the experience of the company in the production of equipment of the NPP.


There are three key reasons for localization – political, economic and strategic, noted the Anton Poryadin, Vice President of А.Т.Кearney. Localization level depends on the capabilities of the country in which the NPP is to be constructed, industrial potential and the abilities of staff, as well as the range of products, economic feasibility of localization for the supplier and customer, as well as the strategic importance of construction of the NPP in any given country.

High localization level is also schedule in case if RosAtom wins the tender for the construction of the NPP in the Republic of South Africa Republic of South Africa, where the construction schedule assumes 9,6 GW of nuclear power generation.
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