Ministry of Energy of USA plans to develop researches in the atomic sphere


The Ministry of Energy of the USA has allocated US$61.4 millions to support researches and training of personnel for the national nuclear and power industry. The total amount of grants includes about US$42 millions which are provided to finance 61 university projects in three directions: technologies of nuclear and fuel cycle; research, development and demonstration of new reactor conceptions; as well as imitation modeling of nuclear and power systems. One of such projects is under implementation in the University of South Carolina. It is aimed at developing nuclear fuel of reduced power density, which can work at lower temperatures that will increase safety and effectiveness of nuclear reactors.


The other project, the University of Iowa, is connected with the development and confirmation of the characteristics pertaining to the equipment for low-power modular reactors. And US$5 millions will be allocated to modernize the research reactors and the concomitant infrastructure in the universities and colleges in the USA. US$5 millions are planned to be provided for the program aimed at researching conduct of reactor materials under protracted exposure to radiation.


Another six universities, one national laboratory and companies from the atomic branch and partners from Great Britain and France take part in the project headed by the University of Michigan. Great Britain allocates its own funds for this project in the amount of US$1,5 millions. In addition US$9 millions will be allocated by the Ministry of Energy of the USA for 13 projects included in the program of nuclear and power technologies introduction at the directions “Advanced Production Methods” (US$1,2 millions), “Reactor Materials” (US$7 millions), “Modernized Sensors and Control and Measuring Instrument Systems” (US$1,2 millions).



Source: Nuclear.Ru