Most powerful icebreaker in the world departs for the Gulf of Finland


The world’s most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker “50 Let Pobedy” departed the dock port of Murmansk on Friday at noon and headed to the Baltic.

For one hundred days, it will steer transport through the ice of the Gulf of Finland, ITAR-TASS reports at the dispatch service of the Murmansk-based company “Atomflot” belonging to State Corporation ROSATOM, which is in charge of the entire national nuclear icebreaker fleet.

At present, there are difficult ice conditions at the Northern Sea Route. Nuclear-powered icebreaker “Rossiya” has entered on duty at the sea section of the Murmansk-Dudinka line. Currently, it is working at Dikson region. Nuclear-powered icebreaker Taymyr, which has lesser draft than Rossiya, has left for the Yenisei Gulf. There, it will steer ships with goods for the city of Norilsk and through Yenisei River channel.

The presence of these ice-breakers allows for navigation in the western sector of the Arctic almost all year round.

Source: Vesti FM