Most powerful LiebherrLR13000 crane will be used during the construction of Akkuyu NPP

August 23, 2019, Büyükeceli, Mersin Province, Turkey - The LiebherrLR13000 self-propelled crawler crane has been installed on the construction site of the first Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey on special plates on which it will be operated.


The installation work was performed by the specialists of TITAN-2 holding, and after passing all the necessary tests, the crane was put into operation.


The weight of the crane hoisting mechanism is 3.5 thousand tons. The maximum lifting height is 149 meters; the maximum boom reach is 129 meters. The crane was delivered to the construction site by sea. The total weight of the transported cargo, including supplementary equipment, amounted to about 4 thousand tons. Mechanics and crane operators trained in Germany at the Liebherr plant will work with the crane.


Using the LR13000 crane, a molten core catcher will be installed at Power Unit No. 1 of Akkuyu NPP. In the future, the crane will be used to install other bulky elements of nuclear island equipment (reactor vessel, steam generators, pressurizer), as well as the dome part of the reactor building.


The Liebherr LR13000 is the most powerful crawler crane in the world of traditional design and the only crane of its capacity class that can operate without kentledge. With a reliable and robust construction, the crane is capable of lifting very heavy loads weighing up to 3 thousand tons. Its boom reach will allow for simultaneous installation operations at two power units under construction at Akkuyu NPP. The main advantage of the LR13000 is its capability to move at full load. The crane is widely used around the world in the construction of power plants and other large industrial facilities where lifting and moving massive monolithic loads is required. Using a crane of the LR13000 model, the specialists of TITAN-2 holding completed all the major installation operations at the construction site of the first and second power units of Leningrad NPP-2.

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About Akkuyu NPP


Akkuyu NPP is the first nuclear power plant to be built in the Republic of Turkey. The project is being implemented on the basis of an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the construction and operation of a nuclear power plant at the Akkuyu site in the Republic of Turkey, concluded between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on May 12, 2010. The project provides for the construction of four power units with Russian-made WWER-type reactors of generation 3+. The capacity of each nuclear power unit will be 1200 MW. To date, the project has been entirely funded by the Russian side. The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is a majority shareholder of AKKUYU NUCLEAR which has committed itself to the design, construction, maintenance, operation and decommissioning of the plant. The construction of Akkuyu NPP is the first project in the world nuclear industry, implemented according to the Build-Own-Operate model.