Musical «Nuclear Kids-2017», involving Turkish kids, starts touring


“Nuclear Kids”, the International Child's Creative Project of Rosatom State Corporation, unites the talented children from different countries. This year the representatives of 21 cities from 13 countries are on the stage: Russia, Turkey, China, India, Hungary, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, USA, Lithuania, the Netherland, Czech Republic, Croatia and Belarus. Less than a month ago the children got to know each other at the rehearsal base, commenced their classes with professional actors, choreographers, directors. And already on August 2 a two-hour original show “Just summer rain” was premiered at the stage of the Young Spectator’s Theater of Saint Petersburg. Colorful scenery, a lot of light, music, choreography and vocal.

Anna Trapeznikova, Head of the «Nuclear Kids» Project, told: «For the ninth year in a row Russian Rosatom State Corporation sponsors and organizes the International Project «Nuclear Kids». Gifted children of the employees of the nuclear industry participate in this non-commercial project described by the mass media of different countries. It is nice to know that in future our participants go into prestigious Universities, succeed in their professional life and build successful careers. Our main task is to reveal creative capacities and skills of the children».

This year among the musicale participants there are prize winners of the International Young Readers Contest “Live Classics” that the RF Federal Press and Mass Communication Agency supports. The Organizational Committee of the Contest previously addressed a proposal to Rosatom SC about cooperation.

The project promoters have envisaged the entertainment and informational program within the «NucKids-2017» program. The children visited Kronstadt and Peterhof before the premiere in Petersburg. They explored the walled cities, Petrine dry dock, Kronstadt gauge, Anchor square and Naval Cathedral. There were tours to the Fort Constantine; in the museum town of Peterhof they took look around the Lower Park, fountains, the “Special Treasury”, the “Court Entertainment”.


AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC supports the International Creative Project «Nuclear Kids» for many years. The sixth year in a row the children of the Company’s employee are members of the large group. Aylin Tumay, participant from Turkey, shared her impressions: «To get into such a project is a dream of many boys and girls. Every day we have rehearsals. We did all our best to eventually create a real show. I would like to express my great appreciation to all instructors and professionals, who taught us a lot for such a short period of time. We’ll never forget the project. All guys became friends, and now we are like one big family».

Right after the premiere in Saint Petersburg the friendly team of 110 people will go to the tour. They are looked forward in Sarov, Nizhny Novgorod, in Hungarian cities of Paks and Kalosca. The final show of the «Nuclear Kids-2017» creative team will take place in the Moscow Helicon Opera Theater on August 18.


For reference: «Nuclear Kids» is an International Child Creative Project of the Department for Communication of Rosatom State Corporation, that annually unites talented children of the nuclear industry employees from Russia and other countries to stage a colorful music show. The main goals of the project are: strengthening of friendly ties between children of the nuclear industry employees, creating environment to realize creative capabilities of gifted children, developing new traditions of cultural interaction. This year over 1,000 children at the age of 11 through 16 claimed for project participation. Following selection the best budding artists were united at the project’s training base nearby Saint-Petersburg, where rehearsals took place. The Information Center of Nuclear Industry acts as the project operator.