New Marketing Office of ROSATOM Registered in Slovakia



The Slovak Republic has become the fourth country where the new office of ROSATOM’s global network is registered. The office was set up as a branch of JSC Rusatom Overseas.

Tasks of the new office are related to ROSATOM’s business development in Slovakia, primarily in terms of key projects of bilateral cooperation: completion of Units 3,4 Mohovce NPP and possible partnership in construction of Unit 5 Bohunice NPP. The marketing office will be in charge of the development of cooperation with regulators and enterprises of Slovak nuclear industry on the both existing and prosperous projects. It will also represent the interests of Russian nuclear power enterprises in Slovakia, as well as engage local companies in the global supply chain of ROSATOM for the projects in Russia and other countries. Denisa Volekova is appointed as a head of the branch office.

“Opening marketing offices is one of the major tools of the expansion of Russian nuclear energy technologies on the global market. Marketing offices will unite the efforts of our enterprises and increase efficiency of their operations in our partners’ countries, as well as help to promote ROSATOM’s integrated offer on new prosperous markets”, said Kirill Komarov, Deputy Director General for International Business and Development of ROSATOM.

“Slovakia is historically among our key partners in Central and Eastern Europe: in this country there are 4 Russian design VVER power units under operation, which generate more half of the country’s electricity. Russia supplied and continues to supply nuclear fuel for Slovak reactors. Finally, we have been successfully cooperating with our Slovak colleagues on the completion of Mohovce NPP. That is way the opening of our office in Slovakia may be considered as a natural and understandable step”, noted Dzhomart Aliev, General Director of JSC Rusatom Overseas. According to Aliev, ROSATOM is interested in developing further cooperation on new projects in Slovakia, particularly in construction of Bonunice NPP Unit 5.

Currently in Slovakia under construction are being two units of the Russian VVER-440 type - Units 3, 4 of Mohovce NPP.In terms of this project continued is implementation of the contract between JSC Atomstroyexport and JSC Slovenské elektrárne on the delivery on the turn-key basis of in-core monitoring system, boron concentration measurement system, in-core coolant level measurement subsystem, as well as in-core neutron noise monitoring system.

All Slovak power units use Russian nuclear fuel since their commissioning. Nuclear fuel is supplied under the contact with the Russian TVEL (a fuel company of ROSATOM), which won the tender in December 2003.

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Denisa Volekova graduated from the Faculty of management at University Comenius in Bratislava. She worked for such companies as WOOD& Company and The Boston Consulting Group, as well as Czech leading power company ČEZ, where she focused on the development and execution of the investment opportunities in the nuclear and green energy projects. Before entering JSC Rusatom Overseas, Denisa Volekova served as the member of the Board of Directors of the companies owning the projects of solar power plants in Ralsko, Czech Republic.


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