New record in Akkuyu NPP PIC in the city of Mersin (Turkey)


The record of the Akkuyu NPP Public Information Center attendance in the city of Mersin surpassed on October 24, 2014.


From the inception various age groups visit the PIC. School children, students, lecturers, officers of universities and organizations are provided with detailed and updated information about the construction project of the first Turkish NPP as well as about Russian nuclear technologies. Around 50 people visit the Center every day, and on October 24 220 visitors called in the PIC, and it became the daily attendance record high from its opening in December 2012.



Every day the PIC specialists use models, diagrams and modern visualization facilities by telling visitors about the Akkuyu NPP construction project, safety systems of the plant, its interference with the environment and importance of the nuclear energy development for the Republic of Turkey which needs power. The center’s employees use materials which provide all the visitors with exhaustive information supported by scientific facts. From the beginning of the new school year more than one thousand schoolchildren of elementary and secondary schools from different regions of the province of Mersin of the Republic of Turkey have paid visits to the PIC within two weeks.


Faruk Üzel said that the PIC specialists attract visitors’ attention to power deficit in Turkey, transfer of cutting-edge Russian nuclear technologies as well as to economic potential of the first Turkish NPP project. «Dependence on energy importation is one of the biggest problems for economic development of our state. Turkey spent around US $60 billion in 2012 to import oil and natural gas for power generation. This figure is comparable with the deficit indices of the country’s budget» the PIC Director said. He added that unfortunately the Republic of Turkey has no large fuel deposits so it must join the world club for peaceful atom relies, “Nuclear club”, like all economically developed countries.


The Akkuyu NPP project implementation will permit not only satisfies the internal power demands but provides innovative technology transfers. «To this end we are sending students to Russia to study nuclear physics, mathematics, theoretical mechanics and other engineering sciences. As of today 4 groups of Turkish students totaling 257 people are studying in the Russian National Research University MEPhI» concluded the Director of the Akkuyu NPP PIC.


For reference:

Nuclear Energy Information Centers are multifunctional communication platforms tasked to raise awareness of population about development and use of nuclear energy. Each information center is a modern multimedia cinema combining panoramic 3D projection, computer graphics and animation, stereo sound, interactive consoles and personal monitors. The used technologies create a sense of immersion of the attendants into a virtual reality. As of today in Russian and abroad there are 20 information centers which were attended by more than 1,200,000 people. In 2012 first foreign centers were opened in Hanoi (Vietnam), Büyükeceli and Mersin (Turkey), in 2013 – in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and in the beginning of 2014 the information center was technically opened in Istanbul on the basis of the Istanbul Technical University.