Notice about intention to change the qualification stage of the equipment procurement procedure of AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş.


Information on commencement of the qualification requirement application with regard to bidders of equipment procurements covered by the TAEK’s ‘Regulation on equipment delivery and approval of manufacturers of equipment for nuclear installations of Akkuyu NPP’


The Equipment Directorate of AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. notifies that from November 01, 2018 in the course of equipment procurement related to nuclear safety (according to rules of the TAEK’s Regulation), the package of bidder’s application must have a copy of the TAEK’s Equipment Manufacturer Approval Certificate (leading bidder’s manufacturer in charge of manufacturing of the equipment as a whole) at the tender qualification stage.

The lack of the mentioned document will be a reason for bidder disqualification.

As for receipt of the Certificate, please appeal to the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority at the following address:

Name of recipient: Turkish Atomic Energy Authority;

Attention: Head of the Technology Department, Fatih Alim Ph.D.

Address of recipient: Mustafa Kemal Mahallesi, Dumlupınar Bulavarı No 192, 06510, Çankaya/Ankara/Turkey

Tel..: +90-312-295-87-00

Fax: +90-312-287-87-61



Equipment Directorate, AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş.