NPP construction forecasts returned to the pre-Fukusima level


“The long-term global forecast of the NPP construction has returned to the pre-Fukusima level,” - Sergei Kirienko, Director General of Rosatom, Russian State Corporation, said at the 6th Regional Public Forum-Dialogue “Atomic productions, Society, Safety – 2013”. “The overall forecast of the NPP construction up to 2030 has reverted to the pre-Fukusima scenario. The geography has changed,” – he stated by noting that the UK has joined the group of countries intending to actively develop nuclear energy.


Kirienko also noted, that after the Fukusima accident the Rosatom’s volume of foreign orders for NPP construction had doubled thanks to the fact that Russian nuclear power plants fully complied with the modern requirements for nuclear and radiation safety. He said that the global energy development implied a balance between the nuclear, traditional and renewable energy sources. «The in-depth analysis of the world energy security demonstrates that the nuclear energy contribution is unavoidable. And the renewable sources surely must be, but the balance should be adequate», - said the Director General of the State Corporation and added that safety is a key element for the energy development.



Source: RIA «Novosti»