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Nuclear fuel from Vietnam will be re-processed in Russia


A batch of highly enriched nuclear fuel has been repatriated for re-processing to a nuclear enterprise of Rosatom State Corporation from the Vietnamese city of Dalat, where there is a research reactor. The US and IAEA have assisted Russia and Vietnam in cargo transportation.


The first fuel shipment of the highly enriched nuclear fuel from Vietnam to Russia took place around six years ago. There is no more it on territory of Vietnam. The shipment was one-of-a-kind: for the first time TUK-1345/C container certified for “air” transportation of the spent nuclear fuel from research reactors was used for this purpose.


The transportation has been done under the Russian-US Program for repatriation of the highly enriched nuclear fuel from the foreign research reactors. The objective of the Program is strengthening of the non-proliferation of nuclear materials and technologies.



Source: Rosatom SC