Over 20 countries would like to cooperate with Beloyarsk NPP (Russia) in Uranium research


Over 20 countries are interested to cooperate with Beloyarks nuclear power plant (BNPP) in the area of Uranium research and nuclear reactor building. Ivan Sidorov, NPP Director, informed about it. "26 countries have shown interest to cooperate with the plant in Uranium research and nuclear reactor building. Yet as of today the intergovernmental agreements have signed with South Korea and Czech Republic", - Sidorov said. According to him, this year the nuclear power plant is expecting visits of the delegations from South Korea and Czech Republic. "The South Korea ambassador has visited BNPP. This year we are waiting for the delegation comprising around 30 technical specialists from the country", - he told. The preliminary negotiations with France are underway regarding experiments with enriched Uranium. "If we manage to reach agreements, the scheme of cooperation will be the following: France produces its own fuel, delivers it to Russia and obtains a permit to use such a lot in the BNPP’s reactor. Then the fuel irradiation happens, which France will examine later on home ground", - Sidorov told.


The NPP Director added that after 2023 commissioning of the own reactor is expected in France. "By 2020 they are planning to get all approvals to bring the fuel to us", - he said. Beloyarsk NPP, named after I.V. Kurchatov is located in Sverdlovsk region nearby satellite town Zarechnyk, is a unique NPP in Russia with power units of different types: power units 1 and 2 have ACT heat-pipe cooled reactors on thermal neutrons, power unit 3 has fast nuclear reactor BN-600. The new fourth reactor, also BN type of 880 MW, must become the world largest fast neutron reactor.


According to TASS