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Nuclear industry news


South Africa regards Rosatom as most likely contractor to build nuclear power plant

 In a short while the South African president is expected to announce a decision as to what country will build a nuclear power plant in South Africa.CEO more


India has right to reprocess spent nuclear fuel, says Russia

 This was stated by AY Khaperskaya, senior manager with Russias state nuclear corporation Rosatom, at the Atomexpo 2014 - the sixth international nuclear more


Azerbaijan to develop nuclear technology

 Azerbaijan attaches great importance to the development of nuclear technology, Director of the Institute of Radiation Problems of the Azerbaijan National more


International forum on nuclear energy opens in Moscow

 The agenda will include financing for construction of nuclear power plants, international legal regulations for the nuclear energy sector.ATOMEXPO-2014 more


Kazakhstan announces date for first nuclear power plant construction

 Kazakhstan plans to start the construction of its first nuclear power plant in 2018. The country is expected to generate nuclear power in 2023-2024 more


Six new nuclear reactors per year planned in China

 The Chinese government has said many times since the end of 2013 that it will build more nuclear power plants in the coastal areas of eastern China more