Pace of NPP building in the world is on rise again


Japan Prime-Minister Shinzo Abe announced that his country will not be able to do without nuclear energy. At the press conference in Tokyo he said the Japan, which has no natural resources, would not be able ensure stable power supply without nuclear energy, and NPPs’ economic efficiency and environmental friendliness not insignificant. Abe confirmed firmness of the government’s position: all nuclear reactors of Japan meeting the new safety requirements will be re-started. Vasiliy Koposov, independent analyst: «the structure of power balance of Japan is as follows: either the country by “rule of thumb” abandons the nuclear energy, imports power and passes on the consumers extra expenditures, or by evaluating onerous burden of conversion to imported energy resources returns to development of state-of-the-art and reliable nuclear technologies. The Fukushima incident was valuable for the global experience to the extent that the focus of attention was reoriented on increasing the NPP’ safety. Fukushima did not write off the nuclear technology as a source of energy, it gave an impetus for search of new more safe options. As a result the pace of NPP building in the world is on rise again».


According to REGNUM