Rosatom held its annual one-day international initiative Global Atomic Quiz celebrating the World Science Day. The quiz was available online in 11 languages only for 24 hours on November 10, and brought together over 11,000 nuclear enthusiasts from more than 70 countries. Turkey, where Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant is being built, is among the most popular countries by the nuclear energy enthusiasts, and took an honorable second place.


Global Atomic Quiz consisted of 15 questions of varying difficulty. Participants were challenged to test their knowledge in the basic concepts of nuclear physics and the latest achievements in nuclear technologies. How is the Earth’s geomagnetic field sustained, are there microorganisms that can convert some elements into others, which isotope is absolutely indispensable for nuclear energy and which energy source is the most suitable to power future human colonies on the Moon and Mars. The questions’ difficulty varied for two categories for Young Enthusiasts (age from 11-16) and Adults (17+).


“Initially there was a feeling that the task would not be easy since it is an ‘atomic quiz’. So every question was thoroughly and meticulously examined. Often answer was on the surface, but much reflections led to wrong answers. The question on the comparison of the radiation amounts generated by a nuclear power plant and a coal power plant has provoked serious debates. Also, I was puzzled that according to the basic hypothesis of the science community, the decay of radioactive elements sustains the magnetic field of the Earth” – said Roman Goreev, Expert of the Electric Installation Work Unit of the Construction Management Department of AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC.


Regardless of their results, all participants received digital certificates and a title of an expert in nuclear science. However, this year, the participants in each category with the highest points will be selected to compete for unique prizes. Kids can win a paid trip to Russia to participate in one of the shifts of the Rosatom Smart Holidays international camp, while adults could get a chance of visiting one of the modern Russian nuclear power plants. A special prize is reserved for young nuclear professionals, who are eligible for a paid trip to the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC 2022) in Sochi. All prizes will be awarded in 2022.


The winners of Global Atomic Quiz will be selected with the help of a random number generator by November 26, 2021. The results will be announced on the initiative’s website: