June 18 2022, Buyukeceli, Mersin Province, Turkey. – The polar crane with lifting capacity of about 400 tons was delivered to the construction site of Akkuyu NPP Unit 1. The polar crane is one of the most important mechanisms of the reactor building. It belongs to the first-class equipment, which is the highest safety class for nuclear power plants.


Unloading of the crane at the Eastern cargo terminal took one day. Upon completion of the unloading from the ship, two spans of the polar crane, 42 m long and 92 tons each, were transported to the construction site of Unit 1 of the future nuclear power plant. Upon the completion of pre-assembly operations, the crane will be installed in the design position in Unit 1 reactor building. The weight of the assembled polar crane will be more than 200 tons. The manufacturer of the equipment is TYAZHMASH plant (Syzran, Russia).


The polar crane, or circular overhead crane, will be used at all stages of the nuclear power plant life cycle. After installation under the dome of the reactor building containment, it will turn 360° along a circular rail to perform transport and technological operations related to the reactor plant equipment, including nuclear fuel assembly.


“The arrival of the polar crane for Akkuyu NPP Unit 1 is one of the key logistics operations of this year. The cargo was sent from TYAZHMASH plant to the port of St. Petersburg, and from there it was delivered by sea to the Eastern cargo terminal at the NPP construction site. After assembling the components of the crane, it will be installed under the dome of the reactor building. Before the crane is put into operation, it will have to pass a large set of tests for the reliability and accuracy of loading transportation,” commented Sergey Butckikh, First Deputy CEO - Director of NPP under construction.


The installation, commissioning and testing of the polar crane is scheduled for 2022 after the cable routing installation.