Prime Minister of India: «India appreciates highly participation of Russian specialists and scientists in the NPP construction project»


“Cooperation of Russia and India in the sphere of nuclear-power engineering, in particular, on the project of Kundakulam NPP progresses”. This was said by the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh according to the results of negotiations with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. "Development of our nuclear program is the key element of our partnership ", - he said. "Construction of the first block Kundakulam NPP is complete and generation of the electric power will be started soon ", - Premier noted. "India appreciates highly participation of Russian specialists and scientists in the NPP construction project", - Singh added. "We wait for completion of construction of the second block next year", - Premier said. "We have good forecast in negotiations on cooperation in the field of construction  of the third and fourth blocks", - he noted. As the head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko, staying in India within the Russian delegation, said earlier,  the second block of Kundakulam NPP can be launched in summer next year. "the works are fully completed. Final adjustment works are held in the first block. Technological gap between the first and the second block will make about seven months ", - Kiriyenko said. He explained that this aspect was discussed today with the Indian partners. "The rest depends on the dates of adoption of the decision by the Indian party, it is the next year", - the head of Rosatom added. According to his words, in summer the Indian party planned to file an application for getting a permit for launch of the second block. Kiriyenko also said that agreement of the commercial terms and conditions of construction of the third and fourth power blocks of Kundakulam NPP is completed. "Earlier we signed an agreement  on granting a credit to India for construction of the third and fourth power blocks. Technical parameters are also agreed", - he noted. Construction of the first power block of Kundakulam NPP is held in accordance with the interstate agreement dated November 20, 1988 and addendum thereto dated June 21, 1998. The Indian Corporation for Nuclear Power-Engineering acts as the customer, which performs construction, installation and adjustment works  on the NPP site и and commissioning of the plant. An agreement was concluded on the second line in 2008 between the government of India and Russia on construction of additional power blocks of the nuclear power plant on Kundakulam site, as well as on construction of stations on the new sties here


According to the materials of IA “Business-TASS”