Public Information Center


About the Center


The Public Information Center in the area of nuclear energy functions in the city of Mersin (Turkey) under the cooperation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey in relation to the design and construction of the first nuclear power plant on territory of Turkey, Akkuyu NPP.


The Public Information Center is a versatile communication platform and provides excursion programs both for the population Mersin Province, neighboring provinces and other regions. Among the visitors there are children, schoolchildren, students, representatives of authorities and mass media, tourists and many others.


The Center visitors will be told about the history and development of the nuclear industry, use of achievements in physics, prospects of the energy development and about the social and economic development of the Republic of Turkey which is related to construction of the nuclear industry enterprises and accompanying infrastructure.


The Public Information Center will visually demonstrate the principle of the power plant operation, models of the industrial site of the future NPP and its reactor, explain the number and structure of the NPP safety barriers.


The PIC’s doors are open for children and adults, for all who are interested in technics, energy, history of the nuclear industry development, for all who are interested in the nuclear energy role in development of the Republic of Turkey.




The guests can see videos, training programs about design features and principles of operation of nuclear station through the use of the state-of-the-art visualization tools.


The Public Information Center of Akkuyu NPP in Mersin is a platform for the trust-based, open and interesting dialogue of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey on the nuclear energy topic.


All activities of the Public Information Center of Akkuyu NPP are pro bono ones. All visits are free of charge.