Representatives of AKKUYU NPP JSC appeared on the conference, devoted to an attraction of Turkish companies to the nuclear power plant construction

Representatives of AKKUYU NPP JSC participated in the conference organized by the Chamber of Industry of Adana (ADASO), the Society of Young Entrepreneurs and the popular newspaper "The Reflex". The stated theme of the forum was "Business Opportunities in the implementation of projects for construction of nuclear power plants". The event was held at the conference hall of the Chamber of Industry. The main issue on the agenda of the conference, which attracted a keen interest of entrepreneurs from Adana, Mersin and other provinces of the Mediterranean region, was the project of AKKUYU NPP construction.


Zeki Kyvanch, the Chairman of the Chamber of Industry of Adana, addressed the opening speech to the participants and spoke about the current economic and trade situation in Adana. He stated: "Adana is the second region of Turkey after Istanbul, actively developing the process of industrialization. Electricity generation is the fastest growing industry of the province. At this point in the region several hydroelectric power plants with total capacity of 555 MW and a 1700 MW thermal power station operate. At that in the region the implementation of new projects is carried out. With the start of operation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline flowering of chemical and energy industries is expected in Adana. If we consider the project of construction of AKKUYU NPP, then within the construction of nuclear power plant cooperation with mechanical engineering, metallurgy and electrical industry is possible."


Covering various aspects of the project of Turkey's first nuclear power plant construction Deputy Director General of AKKUYU NPP JSC Rauf Kasumov, Mikhail Yuryev, the Deputy Director General of the Atomstroyexport Branch CJSC in Turkey and the Director of the Public Information Center (PIC) in Mersin Farouk Uzel, appeared at the conference.




In the report, Rauf Kasumov said that the project was progressing according to plan and drew the audience's attention on the fact that the report of the Evaluation of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the project was recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning in Turkey corresponding to a special format. The procedure of reviewing and assessment of the report, which is available on the official website of the Ministry of Environment and Administration of the Provincial Governor of Mersin, is started. Total volume of the EIA report is over 3000 pages, and experts will need about a month to inspect and examine the document. "At the moment there is a procedure of reviewing and assessment of the report, which is available on the official websites of the Ministry and Administration of the governor of the province of Mersin. Lagging behind the schedule is out of the question. We hope that the positive conclusion of the EIA will be received this year. Upon completion of the EIA approval procedure, preparations for the construction of the facility will begin,” Kasumov noted. Deputy Director General told the conference that the media accounts, according to which Russia could supposedly give up plans for the project AKKUYU NPP construction, are untrue. The speaker also added as with a total estimated project cost of $ 20 billion, Turkish companies could expect the amount of $7 - 8 billion for the participation interest of the project.


Rauf Kasumov reminded the participants of the conference to hold informational meetings for the public and paid particular attention to the subject of informing citizens of the Republic of Turkey on nuclear energy issues. "We invite everyone to visit our public information centers in Mersin and Buyukedzheli. The information we provide to the guests of PIC is credible and backed up by reliable sources, whose objectivity is not in doubt. We want that the public has an opportunity to familiarize with nuclear energy, including through the media” – the Deputy Director General noted.


Mikhail Yuryev, the Deputy Director General of the Atomstroyexport branch CJSC, the General Contracting Company of AKKUYU NPP construction project, also appeared at the conference. He talked about the products and services to be procured under the project, as well as of the applicable standards and working conditions. Yuryev reported that applications for participation in the procurement procedures are accepted in electronic form, and said that the announcement of the procurement is published in the official websites of the Rosatom State Corporation and AKKUYU NPP JSC. Besides, the Atomstroyexport CJSC’s representative added that announcements of the procurement were published in the national Turkish newspaper "The Star."


Mikhail Yuryev noted that all procurement is conducted absolutely openly and transparently. Any company that satisfies the set of requirements, may apply to participate in procurement procedures. "The conditions of tender procedures were not tightened. Also no indulgence for any participants has been made. The fact of presence of the preliminary list of supplies, developed with a view to formation of a database of local suppliers, does not mean that the Turkish companies may not take part in the procurement. Any company that meets the requirements of the procurement procedure may apply to participate in the tender. Under free market conditions, we cannot choose local suppliers, giving priority to a particular company on a regional basis. Any organization offering high quality products at favorable terms and at affordable prices, can win the purchase,” Yuryev stated.


In the part of a final discussion of the conference, Tamer Guljan, the Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs Society of Adana, emphasized in his speech the exceptional importance of AKKUYU NPP project for the development of the region and the country as a whole. He expressed the hope that local companies to be involved in the supply of goods and services for Turkey’s first nuclear power plant as much as possible. Guljan stressed that in this case Adana and Mersin will be among the cities of the world values. He noted: “ The main challenge facing the Turkish companies is to conduct a thorough preparatory work by 2016, to meet all the requirements and have the opportunity to participate directly in AKKUYU NPP project.”




AKKUYU NPP JSC Press service