Representatives of the educational community of the leading Turkish University visited the Akkuyu NPP Public Information Center


Akkuyu NPP Company closely cooperates with Universities of Turkey. Lecturers and students of the country’s leading Universities besides the technical ones have growing interest in the nuclear energy and namely in the construction project of the first Turkish nuclear power plant in the Province of Mersin. This time the Akkuyu NPP Public Information Center (PIC) welcomed the faculty members and students of the chair of chemistry of the Technical Sciences and Literature Department of Mersin University. The group of 60 people led by the Head of the chair, PhD professor Nevzat Külcu PhD visited the Center.


The PIC specialists told to the Mersin University’s representatives on the Akkuyu NPP project, plant safety systems, and explained the importance of the project of the Republic of Turkey by using dummies, diagrams and modern vision aids. Faruk Uzel Director of the Center drew attention of the audience to the problem of power shortage in Turkey, related about the process of transfer of Russian cutting-edge nuclear technologies as well as about economic prospects of the first Turkish NPP project. «Dependence of energy resources is one of the major obstacles for economic development of our country. We spent 60 billion US Dollars to import oil and natural gas for power generation in 2012. This figure is comparable with the indicators of our nation’s deficit» - noted the PIC Director. He made a remark that unfortunately Turkey had no large reserves of fossil fuel and, like all economically developed countries, had to join the “Nuclear club”. Implementation of the Akkuyu NPP project will allow not only meeting the domestic power demand but also provides transfer of innovative technologies. «To this end we send students to Russia to study nuclear physics, mathematics, theoretical mechanics and other technical sciences. As of today three groups of Turkish students totaling 190 people are learning in Russian National Research University MEPhI», – stated Faruk Uzel.


After the presentation and tour of the PIC the students received answers to all their questions of interest. Answering the question about the economics of the project, the Center Director underlined that Turkish companies would perform the total scope of work to the amount of 7.5-8 billion of US Dollars. Mr. Uzel remarked that up to 12 thousand people would be involved during the peak phases of the plant building. The NPP construction will affect the economy of the entire region and urge the economic growth both Mersin province and Turkey itself.


Then professor Külcu took the floor: «The progressive advance of Turkish economy dictates a necessity to satisfy the country’s needs in electric power. Turkey must have nuclear energy technologies. The public opinion is dissonant to this issue. The Akkuyu NPP Public Information Center we now visited, its technical apparatus and qualified specialists providing exhaustive information – all this allows dispersing all doubts and chase away any worries concerting the nuclear energy. As to us, we will arrange a Scientific and Educational Conference for students in order to get a possibility to address to wider circles and we invite you to take part in it. Today we, students and faculty of the chair of chemistry, received information on the main issues related to the Akkuyu NPP project which provoke apprehensions in the public opinion. We strongly believe in necessity and expediency of the NPP building both from the point of view of power generation and technology transfer».


Nevzat Külcu Head of the Chair of Chemistry thanked the PIC employees for the detailed presentation of the project and full and complete answers to student’s questions. The representatives of Mersin University supported the initiative to step up efforts related to informing the population, and kindly acceded to participate in events to be arranged in the PIC in the future.




Press Service of Akkuyu NPP JSC