The branch of the Private Moscow International School (PMIS) in Silifke was visited by representatives of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) Youth Club. The activists told the students about the activities of the Club and invited them to join their travelling activities.


They also held a geography class for the students and delivered a presentation featuring their most striking projects.


Together with the RGS Youth Club, schoolchildren have rest in international children's camps: in nationwide Russian "Ocean" Children Camp as well as in children camps "Artek", "Orlyonok" and "Smena". Members of the RGS Youth Club take part in international trainings; recently, groups of the Youth Club members have been to Serbia and China. During tourist trips, the students compete with each other in geographical triathlon: cross-country running, rock climbing, and wayfinding. In the RGS, special attention is paid to eco-tourism. This includes walking along trails and across conservation areas, environmental volunteering, and improvement of water sources. Members of the RGS Youth Club also hold expeditions to explore karst occurrences and speleological expeditions, take part in hiking activities and in discovering new caves. Students of the PMIS were also invited to join the expeditions and feel themselves acting as pathfinders.


The RGS activists arranged an educational quiz for the schoolchildren: the kids were asked questions from geography tests, which members of the Society had conducted earlier. The next test (already the fourth one) will be held on November 11; PMIS students will also take part in it.


During the visit to the school in Silifke, members of the RGS Youth Clubs got familiar with historic places in Alanya and in Mersin Province. The group visited Yalan Dünya and Gilindire caves, the ancient city of Anemurium and Mamure Fortress.


Director of the PMIS Lyubov Dukelskaya says, 


"In our school, we are paying special attention to comprehensive development of our students. Of course, everyone has to study; however, you cannot learn much about the world if all you are doing is sitting in a classroom. That is why we invited members of the RGS Youth Club – so that they inspire our students with the desire to travel and to discover! In our school, we are trying to foster our students' interest in new cultures and traditions, to expand their horizons. We will be very happy if our kids join the RGS projects!"