Representatives of the Turkish energy ministries and agencies visited the construction site of Byelorussian NPP


Visit of power engineering specialists of the Republic of Turkey to Byelorussia took place within cooperation of Russian companies of «Rosatom» contour with Turkish specialists on the construction project of «Akkuyu» NPP in Mersin province on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Unified Engineering Company OJSC «NIAEP» - CJSC ASE, which will design and construct «Akkuyu» NPP, proposed the Turkish specialists to study the progress of works on the site of the identical plant. Works on construction of the first NPP – two 1200 MWt power generating units of the project of NPP-2006 type go at full speed in the Republic of Belarus.  Like in the Republic of Turkey, the nuclear power station is designed and constructed by the Unified Engineering Company OJSC «NIAEP» - CJSC ASE.  The completion date of construction and installation works on the facilities of the production base of Byelorussian NPP is designated for the end of this year. It is planned to put the first unit into operation in 2017, second - in 2018.


The Turkish delegation to Byelorussia included representatives  of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR), Nuclear Power Agency (ТАЕК), company for sale of the electric power (ТЕТАS), Main Forestry Department, electric grids operation company (TEIAS), Department for regulation of the energy market (EPDK). They were interested in the questions from selection of the construction site and designing of NPP to the legislative framework of the nuclear power industry, which construction started in Byelorussia quite recently, like in Turkey. Speaking to the guests, the Director of Byelorussian «Directorate of construction of nuclear power plant» Mikhail Filimonov noted that Russia granted a credit to the Republic of Belarus for construction of NPP.  The Russian Federation builds the «turnkey» nuclear power plant within the contract on conditions of total responsibility. «Whatever questions we had addressed the Russian party, we were always rendered prompt and competent assistance on the project» - the director said.


In the course of discussion the question was asked concerning the need of construction of NPP, since today Byelorussia provides itself with electric power to the full extent. «The installed capacity of electric power plants of the country’s power system makes 9.6 thousand MWt with consumption of 7.6. We export this excess abroad. In production of electric power Byelorussia mainly uses natural gas, which is imported from abroad and costs considerable funds for the budget. It is not a secret for anyone now that nuclear power is deemed to be one of the cheapest. That is why we decided to diversify our power system using NPP, since the country’s economic growth depends directly on the cost of KWt/h» - director of the construction site Mikhail Filimonov answered. He emphasized that Byelorussia is ready to share the experience of erection of NPP with the specialists of the Republic of Turkey.


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After the meeting the delegation came directly to the construction site. The guests visited the block of special metal structure, where the technology of cutting of building bars was demonstrated to them, which will be subsequently used in erection of the NPP.  The scales of construction of power units №1 and №2 impressed the representatives of the state authorities of Turkey. All construction facilities from auxiliary buildings to location of the nuclear reactor were demonstrated to them. The director of the representative office of OJSC «NIAEP» in the Republic of Belarus Yury Pustovoy said that the preparatory stage for commencement of construction of NPP was practically completed and the basic construction stage would be commenced soon.


Having finished to review the site, the delegation, accompanied by the officers of Akkuyu NPP, which arranged the visit, went to the nearest settlement to the future NPP to the town of Ostrovets of Grodno region to study the work of the public information center (PIC). The director of PIC of Byelorussian NPP Eduard Svirid noted that after opening the center was visited by more than 6,000 persons. Information on construction of the first Byelorussian NPP is available for all categories of persons – representatives of the controlling authorities, public organizations and population. «The main thing in work with the population is honesty and openness, since absence and lack of information generate fears and negative attitude» - the director noted. He said that the population of the town of Ostrovets, not far from which NPP will be constructed, made now 8,500 persons. In peak moments of the plant construction and after its commissioning the number of inhabitants of the town will reach 40,000 persons and this will produce a positive effect on the economy of Grodno region, where the first nuclear power station of Byelorussia will be located. Construction will entail additional financial investments into the country and increase attractiveness of the region from the economic aspect.


In the airport of the city of Minsk before the flight to Istanbul the representative of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Didem Shengezer noted: «Byelorussia shared experience of adjustment of the entire infrastructure with us in preparation of construction of NPP and interaction with the state authorities. The director of the construction site told in details about implementation of the project on construction of the first NPP in the Republic. Our business trip was saturated and cognitive. We are grateful to the organizers of this event for hospitality, hope for further fruitful cooperation. The Republic of Turkey will certainly take into consideration the experience of the Republic of Belarus in the field of development of nuclear power engineering».



Press-service of «Akkuyu» NPP