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Rosatom General Diretor Sergey Kiriyenko took part in ATOMEX-AFRICA, International Forum of nuclear industry suppliers

The head of Rosatom spoke about Russia’s and the RSA’s cooperation prospects: Russia offers strategic partnership in nuclear power sphere. The new national long-term energy development plan adopted by the RSA leadership in 2011 provides for building of up to 40 GW generating capacities, of which 9.6 GW fall with nuclear, until 2030. In order to fulfill such a task an experienced partner is needed. Rosatom suits perfectly and is willing to be the one. The atomic representatives of the two states had spoken about their future partnership before, Rosatom had opened its marketing office in the RSA.  Today’s negotiations bring the partnership to new level: abstract speculations are replaced by specific projects. 
Technological chain
Rosatom offers South Africa to build the entire process chain of NPP construction and operation and is ready to invite South African companies to third country markets, as stated Sergey Kiriyenko at the forum ATOMEX-Africa. He reminded about existing good cooperation between the two countries, in particular, in the field of medical isotopes, and confirmed readiness to provide the partners with technologies featuring post-Fukushiman safety systems. 
Mr. Kiriyenko reminded that South Africa had nuclear technology and good profile in the nuclear sphere. According to Mr. Kiriyenko, the cooperation with South Africa may develop also in the sphere of training of specialists, their education in Russia and the RSA, as well as in establishment of scientific centers. “A small-scale analysis says that implementation of a NPP construction project will allow placing 40% up to 60% of equipment orders with the RSA companies, and this will give not less than $ 16 billion at the stage of construction only, $ 40 billion at the stage of operation; 15,000 up to 30,000 high-skill highly salaries jobs will be created. In the framework of our partnership we will be happy to invite RSA’s companies to the third country markets,” he said, reminding that one job at the NPP construction site created about 7-10 jobs in related industries. 
Rosatom also believes it possible to build a nuclear fuel plant if the atomic power in the country keeps developing. On his part, Minister of Energy of the RSA Benedict Martins noted that his country was sticking to the plans of the energy mix development using various sources of energy, which include renewables (24%) and nuclear (60%), hydraulic (20%) and thermal (5%). 
Intergovernmental agreement
According to Benedict Martins, by February 2014 the RSA is planning to complete all domestic procedures confirming the intergovernmental agreement with Russia in cooperation in the sphere of peaceful atom. He says, the agreement today is already initialed and now is being accorded with the RSA Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Finance. “Our goal is to complete all domestic procedures by February 15, 2014” – he says. 
The strategic partnership suggests joint implementation of the national nuclear power development program of South Africa. The key project is construction of new NPPs with the Russian reactors VVER totaling 9.6 GW (up to 8 power units) in South Africa. Besides, the parties intend to build a research reactor to the Russian technology, which would lay the basis for joint business in the area of isotope production and sales in the international market. Russia will also assist South African partners in development of the national industry and specialist pool for the massive nuclear power development program, as well as in enhancement of the national legislation, development of related infrastructure and in some other related areas. 
“For effective work on the well-developed nuclear market an experienced partner is needed – the one with good history, competence and clear strategy, meant for business development. For us such a partner will be NECSA. The spheres of interest – industrial partnership in new construction and service maintenance of power units and technological partnership in RAW handling and objects decommissioning”, - explained Ivan Borisov, NIAEP-ASE Vice-President (Rosatom’s engineering company).
In addition, at the forum Atomex-Africa, the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA), the United Company NIAEP-ASE and NUKEM Technologies GmbH (Germany, 100%-owned by Atomstroyexport) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The parties agreed to develop the strategic partnership in the field of engineering, design, procurement and construction of complex facilities and structures.
Source: Rosatom Newsletter