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RosEnergoAtom named the most efficient


RosEnergoAtom, an operator of Russian nuclear stations, has been recognized as the best generating company in Russia. Following 2015, RosEnergoAtom was ranked first among electricity generators in terms of market efficiency. The Boguchany hydropower plant and Irkutskenergo were ranked second and third respectively in the industry research conducted by the Market Council non-profit partnership.


RosEnergoAtom has remained the best performing generating company for the fourth year in a row. At present, nuclear stations generate almost 18.6% of total electric power produced in Russia. Last year nuclear facilities generated a record high of 200 billion kilowatt hours to have exceeded the annual target by nearly 6 billion kWh. The power output grows year over year: in 2014, nuclear stations produced 8 billion kWh more than in 2013, followed by an 8% increase in 2015.


The ranking is compiled quarterly and annually and benchmarks efficiency indicators of power generators operating on the wholesale power market. It is based on a number of weighting factors representing importance of each benchmark criterion. They are equipment conditions (weighting factor of 35%), capacity utilization (15%), production cost per megawatt hour (25%) and a profit margin per megawatt hour (25%).


Source: Information and Public Relations Department of "Concern Rosenergoatom" JSC