Russia and the United Arab Emirates signed Nuclear Cooperation Agreement


The Russian Federation and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed Intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the field of peaceful application of nuclear energy.

Sergey Kirienko, Director General of State Corporation “Rosatom”, and Mohammed ben Zain al-Hamli, Energy Minister of the UAE, signed the document.

Works on the Agreement have been going on since 2009. The Agreement stipulated the required legal terms and conditions for full development of Russian-Emirati nuclear cooperation. “This is an integrated agreement that provides for cooperation in all areas of nuclear energy including uranium mining, fuel and equipment production as well as research activities, nuclear power plants construction — i.e. full civil nuclear power engineering cycle”, — said S. Kirienko at press conference on results of signing of the Agreement.

“Cooperation with Russia in this field is of prime importance for us considering that Russian companies already hold contracts for nuclear fuel supply to the UAE”, — said M. ben Zain al-Hamli.

For reference only:

“Techsnabexport” has previously concluded a contract with the UAE Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), under which the Russian company got the share of about 50% of enriched uranium product supplies for the first NPP in the UAE. The first supplies are scheduled to be executed in 2014. The Contract provides for the supplies during 15 years. The UAE plans to construct four nuclear power units using Korean technology with total capacity of 1.400 MW on the Baraka site in the Abu Dhabi emirate. It was scheduled to start-up the units in 2017-2020.


Communications department of State Corporation “Rosatom”