Russia: Global leadership in NPP construction


Currently Russia and its State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” is a world leader in new NPP building projects. – Mr. Petre Schedrovitskiy, Advisor for the Director General of Rosatom stated. «Last year Rosatom put into operation two new power units, one in Iran and another one in Russia. Now the building of nine power units is simultaneously being underway within Russia; and the issues of funding and work management for another 12 power units abroad have been resolved” – he made it clear, according to ITAR-TASS. So, according to this expert, just this Russian Corporation is alone constructing at the same time more than one third of all nuclear power units, which are globally under construction. The Ninh Thuan-1 site, the central part of Vietnam, is to be a project site for two power units from the above mentioned construction projects. First Vietnamese NPP construction in Ninh Thuan Province is to be commenced in 2014 and commissioned by 2020. As stated the local experts, high safety level of the Russian NPP was one of the main pros when selecting Russia as a partner for NPP-1 construction and operation. And the Russian side, in its turn, guarantees Vietnam that the NPP-1 construction project to be implemented by Rosatom will meet the state-of-the-art technological standards as well as safety requirements.