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Russia is the global leader in the area of atomic energy


For 60 years lapsed from the moment of commissioning of the first NPP in the world the atomic energy has become an independent large industry. At the present time there are 193 power plants with 435 power units are in operation in 30 countries with total capacity of about 370 thousand MW (in Russia there are ten NPPs with 33 power units with total capacity of about 25 thousand MW). There are 72 nuclear reactors under construction in the world — it is the highest value for the last 20 years.


The Russian Federation occupies the top positions in the area of construction of new NPPs. Russia is the only country able to offer to the foreign customer provision of the whole life cycle of the nuclear power plants — from design of the NPP with very high level of safety, construction, operation of the plants, fuel supplying, preparation of the qualified personnel, to decommissioning of the plant.


For the recent year the Russian technologies have been selected by Jordan for construction of its first NPP, and Finland which is famous for its strict atomic supervision has signed the contract with Russian atomic suppliers for construction of new plant “Khankhikivi-1”. Two new units will be constructed by Russia on Hungarian “Paksh” NPP — the relevant intergovernmental agreement was signed in January of this year.
Also two units of the second stage will be constructed with participation of Russia on Indian ”Kudankulam” NPP – the parties signed the relevant agreement in April of the 2014. In the beginning of June of the 2014 the first power unit of the “Kudankulam” has reached full capacity, physical start of the second unit of this station shall take place before the end of the year.


In May, 2014, Russia concluded the Memorandum of Understanding with Kazakhstan for construction of the first NPP in this country, signed the memorandum with China for possible construction of floating atomic heat and power plants. The Russian Federation expects to sign before the end of the year the contract for construction of two new power units of Iranian “Bushehr” NPP. In general, the State Corporation Rosatom plans to grow the portfolio of its ten year foreign contracts to 100 billion dollars. The experts note the highest scientific and technical potential of Russian specialists in atomic energy field.


One of the striking examples of it on the global atomic field was commissioning of the Bushehr NPP to the customer in the 2013 — a unique project with no analogs in the world. The Russian “Atomstroiexport” (subsidiary of the State Corporation Rosatom), and its contractors turned out well the integration of Russian equipment to the construction part which was performed few decades ago under the project of Federal Republic of Germany, and, in addition to it, application of about 12 thousand tons of German equipment. The unique works represent restoration of the resource characteristics of graphite stack of the high-power channel-type reactor, which were performed in the past year on the first power unit of the Leningrad NPP.


The Russian atomic scientists are global leaders in the area of the fast-neutron reactors to close nuclear fuel cycle. The NPP power units with such reactors are designed to widen significantly the fuel base of the atomic energy and minimize the radioactive wastes.


It is planned to implement the “Breakthrough” project on the site of Siberian Chemical Plant in the city of Seversk (Russia), where the technologies for the atomic energy of the future will be practiced. The “Breakthrough” includes creation of experimental and demonstrative power complex which comprises of the BREST-OD-300 reactor with the near-the-plant nuclear fuel cycle and module of manufacture of dense uranium-plutonium (nitride) fuel for the fast-neutron reactors. Lead was selected for the BREST-OD-300 reactor as the liquid metallic coolant.


The works on preparation for operation of the fourth power unit with the BN-800 fast-neutron reactor with the sodium liquid metallic coolant are performed at the Beloyarsk NPP. At this time the reactor is fueled with the amount required to start controllable nuclear chain reaction. The power start of the unit (start of power generation) shall take place before the end of this year according to the schedule, and the industrial operation of the unit shall start in the first quarter of the 2015.



Source: RIA Novosti