Russia remains the leader on the global NPP construction market


“Rosatom, the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation, remains the leader on the international market and has made a significant headway in Europe in the NPP construction sector”, - said the Deputy Director General Kirill Komarov at the Forum of the Nuclear Industry Suppliers “AtomEx-Europe” started on October 08 in Brno (Czech Republic). «As opposed to other vendors of the NPP technologies, we never ceased the NPP construction practice and that allows us to be a global leader. We have retained and increased our competences in construction of nuclear power plants. At present 9 projects of the power units with VVER reactors in Russia and 19 projects abroad are being implemented. Today we are building all the plants in accordance with the very stringent “post-Fukushima” safety standards of 3+ generation. We are constructing worldwide and recently progressed in Europe: Finland, UK and other EC countries traditionally supporting the nuclear energy development” – noted Komarov.


Rosatom State Corporation and Fennovoima Company are planning to sign the contract by the end of the year for construction of Hanhikivi-1 NPP in Puhyayoki in the northwest of Finland. At the same time the companies will reach agreement on the detailed project schedule, funding mechanisms and the Rosatom’ share as a shareholder in the amount of 34%. Fennovoima is offering to its shareholders the NPP Project, which will commence the power generation in 2024 in accordance with the schedule agreed with Rosatom. Besides Fortum Finish Concern and Rosatom have signed a cooperation agreement with Rolls-Royce UK Company. The three-party Consortium will study the feasibility of construction and operation of NPP on UK territory.




Source: RIA «Novosti»