Russian Federation will discuss the possibility of participation in the project for construction of a nuclear power plant in Britain


Russia intends to discuss the possibility of its participation in the project for construction of a NPP in Great Britain during the G8 summit which will take place in June in North Ireland, the head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko told the journalists.


“We contemplate with great interest the possibility of our participation in the construction of nuclear power plant in Great Britain. I believe an important conversation should take place during the June summit,” the head of Rosatom said. He noted that the state corporation was presently studying the conditions for participation in the project and developing collaboration with a number of partners, in particular with Rolls-Royce.


Even back in 2012 the management of Rosatom stated that the state corporation considered the NPP construction market in Great Britain to be attractive. For example, Rosatom declared its interest in participating in the Horizon project. According to the project, by 2025 Horizon (HNP) should have built in Great Britain nuclear power plants with the output up to 6 thousand MW.


However, in late March of 2012 E.On and RWE announced their withdrawal from the project which had been estimated at 15 billion pounds sterling (23.78 billion dollars) and decided to sell their joint venture. According to the representatives of those companies, the main reasons for this decision were the plan of the government of Germany to gradually abandon nuclear power and the high operating costs of Horizon.


In March 2012 the Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron confirmed Britain’s commitment to building within the next 20 years a new generation nuclear power plant for strengthening the independence and security of power network.



Source: RIA Novosti