Russian Kremlin has hosted a meeting between President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin, and Prime-Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.



Various subjects, including political, economic and international issues were on the docket of this official meeting. The representatives of the both countries particularly dwelt on implementation of the Russian-Turkish Intergovernmental Agreement on construction of AKKUYU nuclear power plant in the Province of Mersin.


President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin, especially noted: "We are successfully cooperating in the scope of energy, which means not only mutual hydrocarbons trade, but our joint efforts in hi-tech areas of the power engineering, including atomic energy. We are implementing very important projects and efficiently working together".


In fact within a year the trade turnover between Russia and Turkey has increased by a quarter and now amounts to $32 billion.


Prime-Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Erdogan, said: "Our mutual efforts in the scope of nuclear energy will be the weightiest regional investment for the most recent period. I am sure that execution of all work as originally projected will nullify all initiatives of any detractors. Relationship between the Republic of Turkey and the Russian Federation will more and more progress in various spheres. We have demonstrated a political will to reach a previously proposed ambitious goal – boost the trade turnover up to $100 billion. We have very positive results in the tourism sector. Around 3.5 million tourists from Russia come to our country annually; and it creates basis for rapprochement of our nations. I hope that this year such indices will increase. The power engineering proves our most wide-ranging collaboration. As is known, Turkey generates 50% of its power at the natural gas power plants, and the Russian Federation is our first-priority natural gas supplier. Actually Russia always supported us during bad timing of the natural gas supplies, assisted and lent a hand to overcome crises by providing additional supplies. Now we are making a giant step in such cooperation, namely, by constructing a nuclear power plant. The scope of investment will be around $20 billion. And the Russian Federation will implement and apply the state-of-the-art technologies on our country’s territory. We are planning to expand the practice of NPP construction».


The head of the Russian State marked that Turkey was a strategic vital and reliable partner of Russia, and, first of all, in energy, metallurgy, culture and tourism. He thanked Mr. Recep Erdogan for his efforts to develop bi-lateral relations, thanks to which the latter "rose to the very high level".


Following the results of the meeting an agreement was reached to hold a bi-lateral Russian-Turkish high-level Council this autumn in a Turkish town.


Press Service of AKKUYU NPP