Serbia seeks to cooperate with Russia and Bulgaria on the construction of Belene NPP

Serbia is showing a strong interest to participate in the Russian-Bulgarian project on construction of Belene Nuclear Power Plant, and is ready to actively promote bilateral cooperation with Russia in the area of peaceful nuclear research, said the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy of Serbia, Milutin Mrkonjic.
On Wednesday, he received in Belgrade a delegation of ROSATOM, led by its Deputy General Director Kirill Komarov.
“There are great prospects for Russian-Serbian cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. We are very interested in actively participating in the Russian-Bulgarian project on construction of Belene Nuclear Power Plant in Bulgaria. There is also a great need for joint production of medical isotopes, in cooperation with Vinča Nuclear Institute” – reads a statement by Mrkonjic to the press service of the Serbian Ministry.
In turn, ROSATOM’s representatives pointed out that Serbia, despite the moratorium on construction of nuclear centers, has a sufficient number of qualified personnel and experts in this field that will benefit cooperation with Russia.
According to Komarov, the Russian side is ready to invest in various projects in Serbia, and the nature of this cooperation should be specified under the bilateral memorandum of cooperation previously signed with the Serbian Vinča Nuclear Institute.
“The current reality is such that the successful implementation of large investment projects is only possible through partnerships, and Serbia, our old and trusted friend, should not miss the opportunity to occupy an important position in such partnerships” - Komarov explained.
He noted that with Serbia’s participation, initiated projects can be implemented “even better”.
Belene NPP is a nuclear power plant currently under construction, located on the banks of Danube River in northern Bulgaria, near the border with Romania. Its construction was halted in 1990 due to lack of funds.
The tender for completion of Belene NPP was declared in 2005, and the Russian company Atomstroyexport won the tender. Agreement on construction of the nuclear power plant was signed on November 29, 2006. In 2007, the Russian project was declared complying with all European specifications for new-generation plants with light water reactors, and in January 18, 2008, a contractual agreement for the construction of the plant was signed.
In October 2011, the head of ROSATOM, Sergey Kiriyenko, announced that Russia’s proposal to finance the Bulgarian Belene NPP project to 100% remains in force, the plant itself can be built very quickly. At the same time, he noted that Russia’s financial proposal on Belene NPP is not indefinite, in contrast to the construction work contract.
According to Kiriyenko, no one stopped contractual work for Belene NPP, Russian enterprises are continuing to manufacture equipment for the nuclear power plant, design institutes are preparing technical documentation.
Serbia’s interest to participate in construction of Belene NPP in Bulgaria as an investor was revealed in 2010. It is reported that Belgrade considered the possibility of a 5% participation in the project.
Source: RIA Novosti