Sergey Kirienko, Head of Rosatom SC, gave an interview to Turkish mass media


Sergey Kirienko, Chief Executive Officer of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation met with the mass media representatives of the Republic of Turkey (Anadolu Information Agency ,   newspaper). He responded to questions about the Akkuyu NPP construction project in province of Mersin (Turkey).


In his interview the CEO of Rosatome said that Russian and Turkey were strategic partners in many economic spheres, and first of all, in energy. Construction of the first nuclear power plant in province of Mersin by Russian technologies would trigger development of the nuclear industry of the Republic of Turkey. Even the first phase of the Akkuyu NPP construction will give a significant momentum for economic development - new integration relations will be established, potential orders for civil engineering works and equipment delivery will be obtained. “Akkuyu NPP is one of the largest investment projects in this field. Its cost amounts to 20 billion US Dollars. For the first time ever the BOO (build-own-operate) model project will be implemented in the nuclear industry, and it will happen in Turkey. AKKUYU NUCLEAF JOINT-STOCK COMPANY will construct and operate the nuclear power plant. During implementation of the Akkuyu NPP Project Turkish contractors will perform almost 90% of civil engineering operations, half of installation works; moreover, up to 40% of equipment for the plant will be manufactured by Turkish vendors. On the whole, participation of Turkish companies in this project may attain 35-40%, and that means that the sum of orders will total 4-6 billion of US Dollars» - Sergey Kirienko said. He also underlined that nuclear energy specialists were being trained for the Republic of Turkey under the Intergovernmental Agreement. As of today more than 250 Turkish students (4 batches with one-year intervals: preparation course, first-, second- and third-year students) were being trained in the Russian National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (NRNU MEPhI). «Up to 600 Turkish specialists are to be trained. The big interest for nuclear professions is now unquestionably obvious: currently 45 Turkish candidates compete for one place in NRNU MEPhI» - said the CEO of Rosatom SC.


Correspondents of the Turkish mass media asked the following questions: «What difficulties Rosatom SC faced after the Fukushima accident? What lessons have been learnt from the accident and how the Akkuyu NPP project took them into account»? Sergey Kirienko responded that the Fukushima accident impacted on the global nuclear energy as follow: now all customers will regard safety of all technologies as the highest priority issue. «Vendors of nuclear technologies, offering reference projects of 3+ generation on the international market, have obtained a significant competitive preference. And Rosatom is one of them. Today our company is one of the leading global vendors in nuclear energy; in our portfolio we have contracts to build 27 power units. It demonstrates confidence in our technologies and evidences high reputation of Russian State Corporation» - the CEO of Rosatom said.


The correspondents of the Turkish mass media learned that as of today the Akkuyu NPP project was at its preparatory stage. Under the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Russian Federation and Republic of Turkey Akkuyu NPP will begin its operation in 7 years after obtaining all necessary permits and licenses. The project took into account experiences of operation of several generations of nuclear power plants both Russian and foreign, including analysis of accidents and among them the Fukushima accident.


Technical and organizational arrangements applied in the Akkuyu NPP project will ensure operation of its safety systems in any possible scenarios. The project provides reactor shutdown and its maintenance in safe status for a long time in case of any influence or combination of influences: earthquake, flood, tsunami, tornado, hurricane, dust storm, air shock waves and even crash of an object of up to 400 tons weight. The safe shutdown earthquake, which the first Turkish NPP must withstand, is 9 on MSK-64. «Akkuyu NPP is a unique set of active and passive safety systems. The passive systems available exclude human factor impact on the NPP operation. The plant must operate at least 60 years, but practically much longer. I am sure that it will successfully operate from 80 up to 100 years. It means 10 years for preparation and construction and then 80-100 years of operation and decommissioning. So we assumed mutual obligations for more than 100 years» - Sergey Kirienko said in his interview.


When responding to the question of the correspondent of Hürriyet newspaper how Western sanctions against Russia could impact the Akkuyu NPP project, Sergey Kirienko told: “Akkuyu NPP will be constructed in Turkey and not in Russia, so we do not expect any negative consequences for this project from the sanctions. The Russian Federation will ensure a certain share of resources for project implementation, as of today 4 billion US Dollars have been allocated. At further stage of the project progress, when we need additional funding, we shall search of investors. Given potential of the Turkish and Russian businesses, we shall find needed resources in both out countries”.


The topic of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) of the Akkuyu NPP construction was addressed. The Chief Executive Officer said that AKKUYU NUCLEAR JOINT-STOCK COMPANY had put a lot of efforts when preparing the EIA Report of the first nuclear power plant in the Republic of Turkey. He also said that all arrangements related to development of the construction site of Akkuyu NPP were being performed in strict compliance with the requirements of the applicable regulations and laws of the Republic of Turkey and recommendations of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).


When answering the question about technologies of the fast fission reactors and a possibility of their transfer to Turkey, the CEO of Rosatom said that the State Corporation was ready to transfer technologies of the last generation of Russian БН-type reactor (fast fission reactor) which would be put into massive operation in Russian soon, to Turkey. Kirienko told that reactors of such a type - and Beloyarskay NPP in Russia is now operating them – were symbols of the nuclear energy future. «We are ready to transfer to Turkey technologies of БН reactors if we receive request from the Turkish side. Now preparation of БН reactor for industrial operation is underway at Beloyarskay NPP. Russian fast fission reactors signify commencement of the age of zero-waste nuclear energy» – Sergey Kirienko added.



Press Service of AKKUYU NPP JSC